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  • How to Create a Google Plus Business Page For Local Business | Organisation With Screenshots

    Google Plus is becoming a very fascinating place for businesses, brands and artists. Many smart businessmen have been using these precious tools to expand their business. A businessman can use the power of social media to stay connected with his customers. To connect with customers you should have a business page on Google plus. It […]

  • How to Place Google Adsense Ads Between Blog Posts and Comments With Simple Steps

    It is very important to find out optimum positions for your ads to maximize your Adsense earning. You can get highest CTR (Click Through Rate) with proper ad placements. In my recent post, I have shown how to place Google Adsense ads below blogger header. That is a most preferred ad placement. Another position that […]

  • How to Show Google ads on mobile Blogger

    Displaying ads on mobile version of blogger may boost up your Adsense earning. If you take a deep look into your stats then you can see that 20-40 percent of your audience comes from mobile devices. If you are not monetizing ads on mobile version of blogger then probably you are losing 20-30 percent of […]

  • Show Recent/Popular Posts in Blogger Without Any Coding

    Showing up recent posts or popular posts on a blog can dramatically increase your page views. If you display recent or popular posts in your sidebar then visitors can also read your other posts. There are different ways to show recent posts on a blog but in this post, we will show the simplest method. […]

  • How to Place Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Header

    It is immensely important to place your ads on a proper place to optimize your blog earning. You can obtain highest CTR (Click Through Rate) by spotting your ads at such places where these attract visitors. Your ad placement should be according to your blog layout. However, there are some ideal places, those are best […]

  • 5 Best Ad Placements to Increase Your Blog Revenue

    If your ads are not performing well on your blog then it means your ads are not placed on right place. A precise ad placement is very much essential to get high rate of clicks and CPC (Cost per click). An ad placement is an experimental process in which you have to do some experiments […]

  • How to Insert An Adsense Ad Unit Code to Blogger Blog

    Google Adsense is the one of the trusted ad- monetizing network. Most of the advertisers prefer to use Google Adsense for the advertisement of their products. CPC (Cost per click) rate of Google Adsense is quite good which lures blog owners. If you have a popular blog, then, you can generate good income from it. […]

  • How to add Links in Blogger Posts

    In today’s post we will show a simple way to add internal blog links (links to other posts) or external sites links (links to others sites) in a blog post. Adding other posts links in a blog post is a strategic way to insist visitors to read your other blog posts. You may refer your […]

  • How to add a Custom Blogger Header Image

    Blogger is a very fascinate place for newbie bloggers. Most of bloggers start their blogging journey with Google Blogger because it is free and very handy to use. Blogger has certain limitations like  we have only few themes and widgets on our  blogger blog. But we get a privilege with our free blogger account that […]

  • How to Add/Embed PDF files in Blogger Blog Posts

    Blogger has not provided an option to add pdf files in blog posts. But there are many ways to add/embed pdf file to our Blogger blog posts. Today, we will explain you an effortless way to add/embed a pdf file to a blog post.