17+ Samsung Galaxy Tips and Tricks for Every Samsung Phone

January 1, 2024 | by Sunil Dogra


After reading this post, you will start loving your Samsung smartphone more than before because listed 17+ Samsung Galaxy tips and tricks will help you get most out of your device. There are many advanced features in your phone you may not aware of for example it enables you install up to 3 WhatsApp without installing a third party app. Let’s jump in!

Samsung smartphones are very trending among mobile users. They offer you some advanced features like create a secure work space on your device, free anti-virus, free anti-theft etc.

In my recent post, I’ve shown you 20+ Samsung Galaxy features, and you people appreciated that post very much and I owe for that. If you have read that post then you might have noticed that was named as part 1 which means there’re lot more Samsung Galaxy features to explore.

So today, your wait is over because I’ve come up with 17+ Samsung Galaxy features, hidden tips and tricks that will blow your mind and you will ask yourself that, “Really, my device had this much features?”

So let’s get started! I bet you that you will like first tip very much. 

Samsung Galaxy Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy tips and tricks

Install 3 Apps Like 3 WhatsApp Without Installing Any Third Party App

Starting with One of the best Samsung features that I bet most of your friends would not be aware of.

Yes, it’s true. You can use same two apps, actually three, on your Samsung device without installing any third party app for example if you want to use three WhatsApp on your smartphone then you can do so.

There are a variety of apps available on Google Play Store that allow you to use two WhatsApp on one android device but those apps need to get access to your personal data which is risky; if app developer is not trust worthy.

If you own a Samsung smartphone then there is a good news for you that you can use two WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Digital Wallet etc without installing any third party app.

Samsung has launched a new service called Samsung Secure Folder, that allows you to create a secure work space onto your device which would be inaccessible by other apps except apps selected by you.

Apart from that, it also allows you to make clones of your mobile apps.

You can use one app two times on your device by using Samsung Secure Folder service. For that purpose, first of all, you’ll need to setup Samsung Secure Folder onto your device.

Follow the steps given below to make clones of apps using Secure Folder service:

Note: Secure Folder is only available in Android Nougat or more versions. If your Samsung phone’s android version is Android 6.0 Marshmallow or below then you should install My Knox app from Google Playstore to do so. My Knox is an official app of Samsung.

  • Go to phone settings > Lock Screen and Security > Secure Folder. Note: You may find this option somewhere else, it depends on your device.
  • Swipe next and tap on Start. Then hit confirm button.
  • Select a lock type and also enable fingerprint option. Then tap on next.
  • Wait till the installation completes.
  • Once installation completes, go to your home screen and there you can find Secure Folder icon. Open it.
  • Tap on add apps icon.
  • Now swipe down and select WhatsApp and other apps whom you want to make clones and then tap on add button.
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully installed two WhatsApp on your device.

Screen Mirroring

Have a smart TV? Then do you know you can cast your Samsung Galaxy screen on your smart TV?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy ‘Smart View’ option lets you mirror its screen on a smart TV. To achieve that, enable screen mirroring option from your TV and enable ‘Smart View’ option from your phone. Then connect it to your TV.

Stop Annoying App Notifications

Sometime app notifications become annoying. Every morning when I turn on internet on my device, it gets bombarded with app notifications. Shopping apps show offers, news apps show updates, messaging apps show messages, and other just show annoying ads.

So what can we do here?

Simply, we can turn off notification for some apps like shopping apps notifications.

To turn off app notifications for some apps, head to Settings > Apps > tap on an app whose notifications you want to turn off > scroll down and tap on Notifications > toggle off allow notifications.

Add Tasks on Screen or To Do List

With today’s hustle and bustle sometimes we forget important things or tasks such as payments of bills, birthday wishes, today’s tasks, and the like. Many a times, we go out to buy few things but sometimes we forget to buy one or more.

It often happens. But not anymore, because with this Samsung feature you can use your smartphone to keep list of your day to day tasks.

Believe me it’s very beneficial Galaxy trick and once you become habitual of it then you’re not going to miss any important task.

You can add task widget on your device’s home screen and you can add tasks to do. Once you complete a task you can strike-through that and this way you will be able to see how many tasks you have completed and how many have left.

To add task widget on your device screen, tap and hold on your device screen and then tap on Widgets. Thereafter, tap on Calendar widget and add Tasks widget on your mobile screen.

After adding the widget, to add new task, tap on “+” icon and give title to your task for example buy grocery or pay bill.

You can add as many as tasks you want and once you complete one task, tap on checkbox next to that task to send that to completed tasks list.

This is indeed one of best Samsung features and I’ve been using it for a long time.

Drag and Drop Images and Videos

Samsung smartphones offer drag and drop option to quickly move images and videos from one folder to another.

All you have to do is just open your phone gallery and tap and hold on an image or a video then select all the images and videos whom you want to move to another folder.

After selecting all files, again tap and hold on any selected image or video and then drag it to the folder in which you want to move your images or videos.

Once you drop your images or videos onto any folder, you’ll get two options: copy or move, just choose an appropriate option and your files will be copied or moved to new folder.

Scan Malwares with Free Antivirus

If you’re using internet or sharing files with your friends then your device is prone to malwares. Therefore, you should timely scan your device with pre-installed anti-malware software. Most users don’t use this Samsung feature but it’s very effective way of keeping your phone clean from malwares.

For that purpose, go to settings > Device Maintenance > tap on Device Security > Scan Phone > Now wait till scan completes.

Tap on Screen or Use Float Button to Take Selfies

While taking taking selfie, you might have faced some problems to tap on fixed camera button. Samsung has addressed this issue and provided some robust solutions for example to take selfie, you can tap anywhere on your mobile screen or you can use float camera button whom you can move anywhere on the screen or you can show your palm and your camera will capture you automatically.

These options are not pre-enabled but you can turn them ON by going to camera settings.

To turn ON these Samsung Galaxy features, open your camera and tap on settings gear icon showing on the top right corner > Shooting Methods > Toggle ON “Tap Screen” and “Show Palm”.

To get camera float button, go one step back and turn ON “Floating Camera button” option.

Change Keyboard Size

If you face difficulty in using your phone’s keyboard and you think it should be large or small then for you kind information you can adjust your phone’s keyboard size as per your need.

To do so, just go to your phone settings > General Management > Language and Input > On-screen Keyboard > Tap on Samsung Keyboard (make sure default keyboard is Samsung keyboard) > Scroll down and tap on Keyboard Size and Layout > Adjust your keyboard size.

Change Font and Font Size

If you’re facing difficulty in reading messages or documents due to small or large font size then you can adjust your phone’s font size according to your need.

For that purpose, go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Screen Zoom and Font > Move the pointer to get desired font size.

On the same page, you can see different fonts to choose from. You can pick any font to set that as default font.

Color Inversion

This is a useful Samsung Galaxy smartphone feature for those who have eye related problems such as color blindness or sensitivity to brightness. This feature significantly improves screen colors so you can easily read screen text.

It inverts screen colors for example background becomes black and text become white which help you to read your screen easily.

To enable this, go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Toggle on Color Inversion.

Increase Contrast of Keyboard

This feature significantly increase contrast of your phone’s keyboard. You can use this feature to adjust the contrast between keys and background and also this feature can be used to change look and feel of the keyboard.

To enable high contrast keyboard, go to  Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Enable High Contrast Keyboard.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mobiles With Fingerprint

If you’ve Samsung Galaxy Series mobile that has fingerprint scanner then you can enable fingerprint scanner onto your device to unlock your device.

Though, this is a well known feature of Samsung Galaxy mobiles and hardly needs any introduction, however, some of you may not aware of it. Therefore, I’ve added it to this post.

To enable fingerprint scanner on Samsung, go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Fingerprint Scanner > Add Fingerprint > Follow The Screen Instructions to Upload Your Fingerprint > Go One Step Back and Tap on Screen Lock > Select Fingerprint to Unlock Device With Fingerprint.

Lock Apps in Samsung

This trick will let you lock apps in Samsung without installing any app.

Another useful Samsung Galaxy feature that you should enable on your device. Usually, we install third party apps to password protect our mobile applications but if you own Samsung Galaxy J Series mobile then you can use this feature to lock your phone apps without installing any third party app.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Lock and Mask Apps > Turn ON the Option > Select a Method to Lock Apps > Locked Apps > Add > Select Apps to Lock.

Clear Unnecessary Data Files

A large space on your device remains unused due to unnecessary data files. You can vacant that space by removing useless files from your device.

For that purpose, go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage > Tap on Clean Now to make space on your device (See tip 4 screenshot).

Vibrate When Call Starts or Ends

This is an alert feature that helps you to know whether the call is answered or ended. Your device slightly vibrates when call starts or ends.

To enable this feature, open your phone dialer, as usual you do to make a call, and then tap on three dots from the top right corner.

Now, tap on Settings then scroll down and tap on Call Alerts. Subsequently, turn on both options: vibrate when answered and vibrate when call ends.

Answer Calls By Pressing Home Key

Another handy option you may consider as Samsung Galaxy hidden feature because very few know about this. Usually, to answer your calls, you need to swipe on your phone screen but if you’ve enabled this feature then you can answer your calls by pressing Home key button.

To enable this feature, again open phone dialer > tap on three dots > Settings > Answering and Ending Calls > Turn ON ‘By Pressing Home Key’.

Note: You may also turn ON end calls ‘By Pressing Power Key’ but not recommended from my side because many a times, call gets disconnected when you try to turn on phone screen during calls.

Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy

This option is available in Samsung J series mobiles. To hide apps in Samsung Galaxy, swipe on your screen to open apps and tap on three dots appearing at the top right corner.

Thereafter, tap on Settings and then tap on Hide apps. Now select apps that you want to hide and then hit Apply button.

Use Two Apps Simultaneously with Split Screen Feature

Samsung Galaxy series mobiles latest software update lets you use two apps simultaneously by splitting your mobile screen. This is a handy feature when you want to chat and watch YouTube videos simultaneously.

To enable multi-window option on Samsung Galaxy Series devices, head to Settings > Advanced Features > Multi-window > Toggle on both options: Split screen view action and Pop-up view action.

Split screen view action lets you divide your screen into two equal parts so you can use two apps at the same time. To use this feature, open an app like YouTube and then tap and hold Recents key.

Pop-up view action lets you adjust the size of the app. To use this feature, open an app and from any of the top corners swipe down diagonally.

Dual Messenger

Dual Messenger is another useful Samsung smartphone feature that lets you use two separate accounts for the same app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.

To enable dual messenger feature, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger and then enable app on which you want to use two accounts.

Samsung Anti-theft Feature

This is my favorite Samsung Galaxy security feature since I got my lost phone back. This is a must use feature to find a lost/stolen Samsung smartphone.

All Samsung phones come with free anti-theft feature, all you have to do is enable this feature onto your device. There are lots of probabilities that your phone may get lost or stolen.

But if you’ve enabled this feature onto your mobile then you can get it back because this features allows you to track location of your mobile.

There are four main functions in this phone: remote controls, Google location service, and remote unlock, and send last location.

Remote controls feature allows you to wipe your phone’s data remotely and give a missed call to find your phone if you’ve misplaced it in your home or office.

Google location service allows you to track your phone’s location.

Remote unlock lets you unlock Samsung smartphone if your forgot its password or pattern lock.

How to enable Samsung anti-theft feature

  • Go to Settings > Lock screen and security and Search for Find My Mobile feature.
  • Do all necessary settings to enable this feature.

I’ve written a separate post on this topic. Click here to read how to enable Samsung anti-theft feature.

See National Holidays in Your Calendar App

Do you know that you can see your national holidays in your mobile’s S Planner app? If not then I would like to tell you that you can see your country’s national holidays right from your mobile’s calendar app.

How to show national holidays in Samsung Galaxy

  • Open Calendar app and tap on more then tap on hamburger icon or menu button.
  • Tap on email account you have added.
  • Scroll down and enable Holidays in your country name like in my case I have enabled ‘Holidays in India’.
  • That’s it. You will be able to see your national holidays in your calendar app.

Note: Make sure you’ve subscribed to national holidays in your Google calendars account. Otherwise, you may not able to see that option.

Smart Alert

This Samsung hidden feature is beneficial for those who live hectic lives. After enabling this feature, whenever you pick your device up then it will vibrate if you have got missed calls or messages.

You can activate this feature by going to Settings > Advanced features > Smart alert and then turn it on.

One-handed Operation

Usually, on wide screen phones, after using your phone for a while, you may feel stiffness in hands. Therefore, Samsung has added one-handed operation feature to its smartphones.

You can reduce your display size by pressing Home key for three times and can return back to full screen by pressing the same key for three times.

To enable this feature go to Settings > Advanced features > One-handed operation > Turn on reduce screen size and one-handed input.

Launch Samsung Camera Quickly

One of the handy Samsung Galaxy features is Quick Camera Launch. Many a times, to capture a moment instantly, you need to launch your camera app as quick as possible. Ah! I missed many moments! Samsung has integrated quick camera feature to its latest smartphones that allows you to launch your phone’s camera app with two Home key presses.

You can launch your camera app by pressing Home key twice in quick succession.

To enable this feature go to Settings > Advanced features > Enable Quick Launch Camera.

Easy Mute

Easy mute feature is another feature for too much busy people. Usually, when you get a call in a meeting, you need to manually silent your phone.

But if you’ve enabled this feature onto your device then to silent a call, all you have to do is just turn over your device and your call will be silent automatically.

You can enable this function by going to Settings > Advanced features > Easy mute > Turn on Easy Mute.

Rearrange Quick Settings

You can rearrange icons of your Samsung phone’s quick setting menu. You can put features or settings ahead that you frequently use.

To rearrange quick setting buttons, pull down quick setting menu and then tap on edit. Now, to reorder a quick settings button, tap and hold on it then drag and drop it where you want to place it. This way reorder all buttons and then tap on done.

Edit Quick Settings

When you go to phone settings then you see some quick settings at the top of the page, you can add 9 quick settings options there.

To edit that menu click on edit and tick 9 settings options that you want to see at the top of the page.

Panic Mode

Samsung has added a safety feature to its phones called as panic mode. You can call to your area’s emergency number by pressing power key quickly three times.

Owner Information

Owner information feature allows you to add a message on your lock screen. You can use this feature to add an alternate number so someone can call you if you lost your phone and it’s locked.

To add owner information onto your lock screen go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Info and app shortcuts > Owner information and add your message like kindly call if you found this phone and mention your alternate phone number.

Assistant Menu

Assistant menu displays a contextual menu options for selected options. You get separate icon on your screen to open and close the menu.

You can activate assistant menu feature by going to Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction > Assistant menu.

Cursor and Touchpad

Cursor feature provides you cursor and touch pad (to move cursor) and you can use your phone like a laptop. After enabling cursor, you will get a small touch pad on your mobile screen on which you can move your finger to control cursor movement.

To get cursor and touch pad on your mobile screen tap on assistant menu icon, which we’ve activated in tip number 11, and go to page two options by tapping on up or down arrow and then select cursor.

Flash Notifications

Another useful Samsung hidden feature for busy people or for those who have hearing problem, if you enable this feature then your phone’s camera flash light will blink if you get a call or notification.

To enable flash notifications go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Turn on Flash Notifications.

App Shortcuts

You can choose two apps of your choice that you want to show on your lock screen.

For that purpose, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Info and app shortcuts > Tap on left shortcut and select an app > Tap on right shortcut and select an app.

Notifications on Lock Screen

You can choose apps whose notifications you want to read right from your lock screen. To select apps whose notification you want on lock screen, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Notifications on lock screen > Select apps.

Change Folders background Color

You can change the background color of your folders to recognize them quickly.

To do so, tap on a folder then tap on paint tray icon and select a background color.

Move Icons

Usually, to move an icon from one Home screen to another screen, you tap and hold on an icon and then drag it to another screen but if you have to move multiple icons then it becomes a headache.

But not for Samsung Galaxy users because they can move multiple icons from one screen to another in one step only.

To move multiple icons in one step, tap and hold on an icon from Home screen and you will see two options at the top of the screen: remove and move apps, just drag and drop an icon on move apps.

Then simply tap on icons which you want to move to another screen and those icons will automatically add to move apps feature.

Upon adding icons to move apps, swipe and go to screen where you want to drop that icons and tap on all one by one.

Type Quickly

You can increase you typing speed while you’re chatting with your friends by configuring your keyboard settings. Samsung Galaxy phones have a feature called continuous input. This feature allows you enter text by sliding your finger across the keyboard.

To activate this feature, first, open any messaging app like Whatsapp and try to type anything then tap on settings icon. Scroll down and tap on keyboard swipe then select continuous input.

Switch ON Predictive Text

This Samsung Galaxy smartphone feature can enhance your typing experience by suggesting you words while typing. To enable this feature, open any messaging app and tap on settings icon then turn on predictive text.

You may face auto correct problem while typing in your local language to overcome this problem turn OFF auto replace option, you can find this option just after predictive text.

Ultra Power Saving

If your mobile’s battery is about to die and you’re waiting for an urgent call then you can enable U. power saving mode on your device to increase its battery usage time.

This feature increases battery usage time by disabling all apps except apps selected by you.

To enable this feature, pull down quick setting buttons and tap on U. Power Saving.

Upon tapping on the button, it’ll ask you to select apps that you want to use while this feature is enabled.

Once you put your phone on charging then disable this feature by tapping on disable.

That’s it. Did you like these Samsung Galaxy tips and tricks?


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