JioFi Not Working, JioFi Not Turning ON: Complete Troubleshooting

January 7, 2024 | by Sunil Dogra


Are you not getting good speed from your Reliance JioFi Router? Are you facing connectivity issue such as JioFi not working or turning ON, with JioFi 2 Router or other? Then you’re on right place, today, I’ll walk you through JioFi troubleshooting including how to maximize the speed of Reliance JioFi router and how to fix problems pertaining to this gadget.

Reliance JioFi WiFi routers are best alternatives for those who don’t have 4G handsets or want a WiFi router for home or smart TV. 3G smartphones owners can enjoy 4G speed on their mobiles and laptops with the help of Reliance JioFi routers.

If you’re facing problems in JioFi router then you can follow this JioFi troubleshooting given in this tutorial to resolve your JIO Reliance WiFi router problems for example; it hangs, JioFi not switching ON, JioFi blue light and indicator light does not blink, it’s not giving good speed, or it does not connect with your devices and the like.

Basically, all Jio WiFi routers have three different colors of lights to show you signal status. Lets first understand them including JioFi blue light means.

JioFi not working
  • Red light: JioFi red signal shows poor signal or no SIM. If red signal blinks fast then it means there is no SIM inside the device or if there’s then it is not inserted properly. Similarly, if red signal blinks slowly then it shows JioFi is getting no signal or very poor signal strength.
  • JioFi blue light means: JioFi blue light means device is getting medium signal which will end up with low internet speed.
  • Green light: Green indicator reflects good signal strength which means JioFi will be able to provide your optimum internet speed.

Let’s discuss different JioFi troubleshooting that you can try to resolve your JioFi problems including JioFi not working or turning ON.

JioFi Not Working, JioFi Not Turning ON

JioFi Troubleshooting 1 – Three Minute Trick

This JioFi troubleshooting is very effective in most of the cases when someone in good network area but JioFi has connection problem.

It’s very old trick to resolve signal related problems of all devices, not limited to JioFi connection problem. If your Reliance JioFi router shows red or blue light often then you can try this trick to get highest possible signal strength.

Try this Jiofi red signal solution,

  • Remove flip cover of your device, remove its battery and SIM and wait for three minutes.
  • After three minutes, insert battery and SIM card again.
  • Turn ON your device again.
  • Check whether the problem is resolved or not.

If JioFi connection problem still exists then try next trick. If JioFi all lights blinking then this could resolve the issue.

Reset JioFi

This JioFi troubleshooting is a very effective way to resolve minor problems like connectivity problem, hanging problem, or speed problem, JioFi not working or turning ON, or the like. JoiFi reset is similar to phone hard reset in which you reset your phone to clear all bugs from your device and get it back to factory conditions.

You can reset JioFi router to fix its problems.

reset jiofi

To hard reset JioFi, remove its flip cover but don’t remove battery. You can find a reset button, you would need a screwdriver or the like thing to press that reset button.

Just grab a screwdriver and put it into the reset slot and press and hold the button until your JioFi router restarts then release then button.

Now check your JioFi device. It should work properly now. I tried this JioFi troubleshooting and most of the times it works seamlessly.

JioFi not working or turning ON

If your JioFi not working or turning ON then it might mean that it’s time to change JioFi battery. Most probably your JioFi battery has been exhausted completely and requires replacement.

Also, it might be possible your JioFi charging jack got damaged. To know try this solution:

  • Remove flip cover of your JioFi 3 or whichever you have.
  • Remove its battery.
  • Put flip cover back but don’t insert battery.
  • Now connect your charging adapter to your JioFi dongle and turn it ‘ON’. Note: JioFi can be turned on without battery. In fact, my JioFi router’s battery is damaged and I have been using it without battery since then.
  • If it works or turns ‘ON’ then it means you need to change your device’s battery. If this is the case then you can use it without battery or can buy a new JioFi battery.
  • If it does not turn ON without battery then there is some other hardware issue which could be resolved by visiting nearest customer care center.

Warning: To prevent electric shock, make sure to put JioFi flip cover, before you connect it to charging adapter..

JioFi Software Update

This is the final solution from my side. If above JioFi troubleshooting do not work, you would need to visit nearest Reliance JIO customer care store to update firmware version of your device. You can tell them the problems you’re facing with your JioFi router and they’ll help you appropriately.

That’s it. Above three fixes could help you fix Reliance JioFi problems if you still unable to find a solution then visit nearest Reliance JIO store.


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