Dell KB216 Review – Best Keyboard Under 500 or $10?

February 10, 2020 | by Sunil Dogra


Today in this Dell KB216 review, we will be going over this keyboard’s pros and cons. We will try to know for whom this device is recommended and for whom not at all.

Last week, my computer keyboard got damaged and since then I’d been looking for a professional keyboard but under my budget. My budget was ₹3K or $50. When I searched on internet I came across Dell KB216 keyboard.

At first glance, it looked perfect and I explored more about it and finally, I decided to buy Dell KB216 keyboard. Things that convinced me were: the brand Dell and its (Keyboard) professional look. I bought it from local market at the rate of ₹500 or $6-$7. After using it for more than a month, eventually I decided to write Dell KB216 review because many of us buy keyboard under this budget and to my mind, Dell KB216 Keyboard is one of the best options (only for basic computer use).

In this Dell KB216 review, I’m going to lay down pros and cons of this keyboard. Starting with my personal experience with the device.

Dell KB216 review


  • Elegant design and professional look
  • Chiclet keys
  • Qwerty Layout
  • Multimedia Keys
  • Volume control keys
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Reasonable price
  • One year warranty
  • Online user rating: 4.5
  • Our rating: 3.5 out of 5


  • Less key travel
  • Keys are little hard to press (as compared to laptop keys)
  • Keys are somewhat small
  • Wired


Dell KB216 keyboard

For average and basic office use Dell KB216 keyboard nicely does the job, but it’s not recommended for gaming and professional use because key presses are not that smooth. Dell KB216 design is quite eye-catching. The keyboard has all required keys along with a separate numeric key pad and also it includes Multimedia keys, volume control keys and indicator LEDs.

Personally, I have been using this keyboard for the last month and I have not find any major drawback yet except keys are somewhat hard to press which is why I hardly use it. Read on to know more about Dell KB216 wired keyboard detailed review.

Pros of Dell KB216 keyboard

Dell KB216 keyboard comes with a ₹649 or $9-$10 price tag; but you can get it at ₹450 to ₹500 or $6-$7. It’s a full width keyboard (standard width) and you get a separate numeric keypad along with control keys and arrow keypads.

Its design is very elegant and keys are easy to press (not like laptop keys but somewhat close to them). I must say that it has a very smooth finish! However manufacturer needs to improve key press.

Dell KB216 comes with chiclet style, small squares with rounded corners, keys. The Keys’ height is more than laptop keys height and less than ordinary keyboard keys, that makes typing easy and fast (considering average computer users).

Height of the Dell KB216 wired keyboard is little bit less than other keyboards; which belong to the same price tag. As usual, it has two legs to tilt at an angel to easily see the keys.

Dell multimedia keyboard (KB216) has play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind keys which you can use to control your music player easily. Furthermore, mute, volume up and down keys allow you easily adjust volume levels.

This type of extra keys make Dell KB216 stand out from the queue. Apart from that, it has two ‘Fn’ keys to enable or use primary function keys over laptop.

Elegant white LED indicator lights make Dell KB216 keyboard more beautiful.

Cons of KB216

As every coin has two sides; therefore, along with pros, Dell KB216 has also some cons for example you may face difficulty in playing games due to less key travel and key width. To my mind, Dell KB216 keyboard is a good keyboard for normal typing and office use but gaming experience would not be good.

People having typing speed more than 35 WPM should seek other alternatives such as HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 300 (I’ve been using this HP’s wireless keyboard and its functionality is quite satisfactory, I easily achieve 45 word per minute or more speed using it).

Some people don’t prefer small keys keyboards, due to less key travel, therefore this product would not be good for such people.

Size of chiclet keys is somewhat small which is not perfect for playing computer games, however, in typing it could be beneficial.


Considering the brand Dell, you’re getting a good product at this price range and to my mind, it’s better to buy Dell KB216 than buying a local brand keyboard. If your budget is flexible then you have better options like Dell KM117, otherwise consider bying Dell KB216.

But, remember it’s suitable for basic use, could not recommend this device for gaming and typing large documents and at the top for coding it’s a big ‘NO’.


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