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  • Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Mobile/Gadget Insurance

    Having an expensive gadget keeps someone in an unnecessary phobia of losing his/her precious electronic gadget. Usually, with new electronic gadgets, customers get one-year free warranty for manufacturing defects and software related issues. But, such warranties do not cover liquid/accidental damages so to insure an electronic gadget against theft, burglary, liquid/accidental damage people prefer to […]

  • Top 6 Mobile and Gadget Insurance Companies in India

    Mobile insurance industry is growing rapidly around the globe because of increase in demand of mobile insurance. People spend large sums of money on buying expensive gadgets and they do not hesitate to spend few more bucks to secure their precious gadgets against theft or damage. Over the past few years, many insurance companies started […]

  • How to Remove Picasa/Facebook Albums From Phone Gallery

    In my recent post, I have written how to find a lost/stolen phone with Samsung tracking feature click here to read that post. In today’s post, we will talk about synchronization. Synchronization feature in your phone allows you to synchronize pictures, contacts, calendar, app data from outside sources like; Picasa album, Facebook albums etc. You […]

  • Phone Call Log/History is Not Updating in Android Phones

    There is no doubt that smartphones become a part of our life. We cannot survive without these incredible gadgets. Smartphones have a wide range of functions like; games, apps, widgets. Sometimes these become a headache when we face some unrecognized problems in our smart phones such as call log problem because of that phone does […]

  • Samsung Tracker and Anti Theft Feature to Find a Lost/Stolen Phone

    If you have an expensive Samsung smart phone then probably you will be worried that you phone could be lost. Samsung has aware of your worries, therefore, to vanish, your worries Samsung has developed some safety features to protect your phones against lost.  Samsung has been providing distinctive features in his smart phones to locate, […]

  • Create a Samsung Account For Samsung Apps, Samsung Smart TV and More

    To avail services offered by Samsung you need to have a Samsung account. You should have a valid Samsung account to use Samsung apps and tracking features like Find my phone, Sim change alert etc. You can create a Samsung account through your phone or computer. In this post, we have explained both methods. You […]

  • How to Import Phone Contacts from Windows Live Account to Android Phone or Gmail

    If you have recently changed your Windows phone with Android one and you want to transfer your old phone contacts to your new phone then read this post carefully. To export phone contacts to your new phone first of all you have to download .csv fileof contacts from Windows live account. Thereafter, you can export […]