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  • 9 Key Benefits of Having Life Insurance Policy | Benefits of Life Insurance

    Insurance: By definition, insurance is a legal agreement between policy holder and insurance company; in which, one pays premiums (policy holder), and other pays (insurer) on the event of loss. Importance of Insurance: Insurance plays a significant role in an individual’s life. It covers an individual against unforeseen events like; Life Insurance covers insured person against death, Health […]

  • Types of Insurance: Explaining Life, Non-life, and Re-insurance

    In this day and age, you can find numerous insurance products in insurance marketplace. For an individual it would not be important to know, “what are the different types of insurance?” But for professionals like; financial advisors and insurance agents, it’s very important to know all the basics related to an insurance industry. It helps […]

  • 12 Precious Tips to Choose The Best Health Insurance Policy | Choose Best Health Insurance Policy in India

    In today’s hassle and bustle, health insurance and life insurance are becoming necessities. These tools protect us from unexpected expenses of hospitalization due to an injury or illness. Health insurance reimburses you and your loved ones if something undesirable happens. Therefore, Health insurance is a best option when you’re looking to protect your loved ones […]

  • Life Insurance: Different Types of Life Insurance Policies

    In today’s uncertain world, Life insurance is becoming a necessity. By definition, Insurance is a legal agreement between two parties (Insured and Insurer); in which one party (insured or policy holder) agrees to pay premiums, and in return, another party (insurer) agrees pay certain amount of money on the event of loss.  Now in this […]

  • 10 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Life Insurance Policy

    Insurance is a risk management technique; that helps to reduce the risks of financial burden, in case of any mishappening. Insurance is also known as a risk transfer technique, in which you shift your economical losses to your insurance company by paying a fee called a premium. Insurance protects an individual against financial hardships due […]

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