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  • How to Stop Email Notifications from Facebook

    Sometimes, it becomes very annoying If you are getting too much notifications from Facebook on your Email address. Facebook sends all notifications of your Facebook profile to your email address for example updates, message alerts, pokes notification, likes, comments, tags etc. But Facebook allows to their users to stop/Block notifications if they want. If you […]

  • How to Delete All Photos on Facebook

    Now a days, Facebook becomes our daily life activity. We use Facebook daily to see updates from our friends, relatives etc. If you have many friends on Facebook then obviously you have lots of photos in Photos of you. If you have unnecessary photos in your tagged photos or you want to delete tagged photos […]

  • How to Create a Username on Facebook Account or Facebook Page

    These days everyone is using Facebook. Many people are addicted of it, specially youngsters use Facebook to chat with friends, share videos, photos with family, to make new friends. Millions are using Facebook and if we are trying to search a friend on Facebook then many people appear on list with same name that’s why […]

  • How to Delete Photos/Videos From Facebook Account

    Nowadays, Facebook becomes a part of our daily routine. We use Facebook daily whether for a minute but we use it daily to get updates from our friends and family. Also, we use Facebook to share photos, videos and to chat with our friends. But sometimes we want to remove photos or videos from our […]

  • How to change Email Address on Facebook

    You can change your current email id on Facebook. To do this first of all, you have to add a new email address on Facebook because without an email address you cannot use Facebook. So first of all, to delete your email address on Facebook, you need a new email address to add on Facebook […]

  • Facebook-How to hide your Facebook Friends List

    Today Facebook plays very important role in our life. We can keep in touch with our friends, relatives etc with the help of Facebook. If you are not online even though you can get SMS notifications on your mobile number. When you create Facebook account due to default settings everyone can see your images, friends […]

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