Zune Settings:-Synchronize files from Nokia Lumia to Zune Software or Vice Versa

All we know that to synchronize files from Windows Phone to PC we need Zune Software. But after installing Zune in PC when you connect your phone to your PC then Zune starts synchronization automatically. It happens just because of your Zune software settings. If you want to synchronize only your favorite songs, videos, images etc then you have to change your Zune settings. SO to change synchronization settings of your Zune software just follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: First of all, Connect your phone to your PC. After that Go to settings. Now in Windows Libraries click on Manage  for example if you want to change Music synchronization settings then click on Manage front of Music section  as shown in screenshot. You can set any folder for example, I made Zune folder in ‘G Drive’ because in my PC i have vast collection therefore I just made a separate folder for my phone now I put files like songs, videos, images etc in this folder to synchronize with my phone. Yes you can set your all drives for synchronization if its OK for you.By doing this Zune will show only selected folder or Drives.

Nokia Lumia synchronize

STEP 2: Now click on ADD as shown in image.

nokia lumia to zune

STEP 3: Now in next step if you want add a whole drive then click on that Drive and press INCLUDE FOLDER. If you want to add more Drives then repeat the same procedure again.

nokia lumia to zune software

Otherwise if you want add any specific folder then Click on that folder and Press INCLUDE FOLDER you can add more folders by repeating same things. After selecting all Folder or Drives, just Click on OK.

synchronize nokia lumia to zune software


STEP 1: Now for PC to Phone settings go to settings after that click on PHONE as shown in image.

synchronize your nokia lumia to zune software

STEP 2: As shown in image if you want to Synchronize songs manually then select Manual.
Synchronize files from Nokia Lumia to Zune Software

After that click on OK to save changes.

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