How to Withdraw Money from Zebpay to Bank Account

Zebpay, a renowned bitcoin exchange, allows individuals to buy and sell bitcoin without having a bitcoin miner. Indian investors who want to invest in bitcoin can buy bitcoin from this bitcoin exchange because it’s one of the best bitcoin wallet companies in India. I’ve written a post on how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay. In today’s post I’ll be showing you how to withdraw money from Zebpay to bank account. If you’ve gained significant profit from your bitcoin investment then you can sell your bitcoin. This is a very easy process. Read on to know how to withdraw fund from Zebpay to bank.You will need to perform following steps to withdraw funds from your Zebpay wallet to bank:

  • First, you’ll have to sell your bitcoin or portion of your bitcoin.
  • Once you do that, you’ll receive your amount in your Zebpay bitcoin wallet. And then you can transfer that amount to your bank account.

Here I’m going to explain this procedure step-by-step with the help of screenshots.

How to Withdraw Money from Zebpay to Bank Account –

zebpay to bankFirst of all you’ll need to sell your bitcoin (you can sell a portion also, no need to empty your Zebpay wallet). For that purpose, tap on “sell” then select sell tab. Subsequently enter the amount of bitcoin you want to sell then tap on  “sell” button. Once you complete the transaction, amount will be credited to your Zebpay wallet.

zebpay to bank account

Once amount reflects into your Zebpay wallet, you can transfer that amount to your bank account. To do so, tap on “withdraw” then enter the amount you want to withdraw. Thereafter tap on “withdraw” button.

In the next step, Zebpay will show your bank details; in which amount will be credited. You will need to tap on “OK” to confirm.

Next you’ll be asked to enter your secret PIN number. Simply enter that. That’s it. Fund will be transferred to your account within 24-48 working hours.

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