15+ Advanced YouTube Tricks for Android

YouTube double tap to seek

Do you spend more than one hour on YouTube? Then this post is for you. It’s written to show you advanced YouTube tricks and tips that can help you use the app more effectively.

Almost one-third of the internet population uses YouTube to get entertained. As of now, Youtube has more than one billion active users whose daily watch time is in billion hours. Are these stats eyebrow raising for you?

Technology is changing very rapidly and now there are many other companies who are thriving to beat YouTube. But as of now, YouTube holds the crown of video sharing platforms.

YouTube app is more handy to use than you think. There’re many convenient YouTube features in the app that can make your video watching experience more pleasant. Here I’ll walk you through some of the best YouTube tricks for Android. These YouTube tips will certainly enhance your video watching experience. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Youtube tricks for Android

Sneak peek of YouTube tips and tricks you’re going to know about:

  • Make YouTube comments italic, bold, or strike-through
  • YouTube double tap to seek
  • Watch trending videos of other countries
  • Enable incognito mode to pause search and watch history
  • Enable subtitle on YouTube videos
  • Hide mature content
  • Change YouTube video quality
  • Disable YouTube autoplay
  • Enable stats for nerds
  • Download YouTube videos to watch offline
  • Delete YouTube search history
  • Delete watch history
  • Add videos to watch later list
  • Adjust video playspeed
  • Stop YouTube notifications
  • Swipe up to see recommended videos in full screen mode

Let’s learn how to actually use mentioned YouTube tricks.

Format text in YouTube comments

You might have already know how to format text in WhatsApp messages. For your knowledge, YouTube comment formatting can also be achieved by using the same trick. You can make your YouTube comments italic, bold or strikethrough.

Use following ways for YouTube comment formatting:

  • To bold your text, add *asterisk* before and after it.
  • For italic, put _underscore_ around the text.
  • For strikethrough, put -hyphen- around the text.

YouTube double tap to seek

One of the best YouTube tricks when it comes to conveniently fast-forwarding or rewinding a video.

It is indeed a very handy YouTube feature that lets you fast-forward or rewind a video by double tapping on the screen. You can tap left side of the screen to jump back to your specified period say 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds or more.

Similarly, you can tap on the right side to do the opposite. You can also use seekbar to manually fast forward or rewind your video. But, in my opinion, double tap to seek feature is more convenient than manually moving the seek bar.

YouTube double tap to seek

This YouTube feature is enabled by default, all you need to do is just double tap on your screen to fast forward or rewind your video.

You can also make some changes for example you can select seek time of your choice. For that purpose, from your YouTube Android app, tap on your profile picture then choose Settings then General and then Double-tap to seek. 

Watch trending videos of other countries

Tired of watching your country’s trending videos? Then change your location in Youtube app and watch other countries’ trending videos. Just head to settings and under General tab choose Location and change your location to a country whose trending video you would like to watch.

Enable incognito mode to pause search and watch history

Sometimes we come across some videos that we watch but don’t want to show in our search and watch history. For that purpose, YouTube app has integrated a new feature called Incognito mode which lets you watch videos without saving them into your search and watch history.

You might have already used this feature in your web browser. But now you can use the same in your YouTube app too. After enabling Incognito mode, your search and watch history will not be saved. You can enable or disable this mode anytime.

To enable Incognito mode, touch your profile picture and choose ‘turn on Incognito’ mode.

Enable subtitle on YouTube videos

Sometimes we watch videos and due to lack of understanding or unfamiliar accent, we prefer video captions. For your information, YouTube has an inbuilt auto caption feature for select languages. Many YouTube creators manually add YouTube video captions to their videos so their audience can easily understand their videos.

You can enable automatic video captions on your YouTube Android app. For that purpose, under Settings you can find ‘Captions’ option, just touch that option and toggle to turn it on.

After enabling the option, video captions will automatically appear on your videos. You can also manually turn on video captions.

While watching a video, tap on three dots appearing at the top right corner of the video and choose caption then you will be able to see all video caption options. Just choose the one you prefer.

Hide mature content

You may already know that nowadays what kind of videos trend on YouTube. If your kids watch YouTube then they might come across these videos therefore you should install YouTube kids mobile app in your device.

However in your YouTube app, you can also restrict potentially mature content. To block mature content on your YouTube app, head to settings and choose General and then toggle ‘Restricted Mode’.

After enabling Restricted Mode on your YouTube Android app, you will not be shown any mature content. This YouTube trick is worth considering if you’ve kids.

Change YouTube video quality

YouTube by default shows you the best video resolution depending upon your internet data speed. High resolution for example 1080p videos consume more internet data than 360p videos. For better experience, you should always watch videos with maximum resolution.

But if you are on a metered connection then you can save your Internet data by lowering video quality. While watching a video, tap on three dots appearing in the top right corner and touch quality option and then choose a lower video quality resolution.

Similarly, if you are on unlimited data connection but you are seeing low quality videos then you can choose a higher resolution for better experience.

Disable autoplay

While watching a video you can also see recommended videos and these videos automatically play one after the other. YouTube Autoplay feature is enabled by default. You can disable it. To disable YouTube Autoplay, just toggle off ‘Autoplay’ option appearing next to ‘Up Next’.

You can also do so by heading to settings > Autoplay.

Enable stats for nerds

Majority of users don’t need this feature. I don’t understand why Youtube has integrated this feature to its app. However, if you’re the one who needs to know the video details such as video format, audio format and the like, then you can enable ‘Stats for nerds’ option. You can find this option in General settings.

After turning the option on, play a video and tap on three dots and then select ‘Stats for nerds. Thereafter you’ll be able to see video details.

Download YouTube videos to watch offline

YouTube lets you download a video to watch it offline. But you can access your downloaded videos through only your YouTube app. You can find download button underneath all videos. You can touch add button to download a video to your YouTube video library and you can watch that video offline.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube sets your video quality depending upon your internet data speed. However it lets you choose your preferred video quality. Similarly you can also choose video quality for your downloaded videos.

To set video quality for your downloaded videos, go to Settings and then choose ‘Download’ and set your preferred video quality.

Delete YouTube search history

When you open search box of your YouTube app then YouTube automatically shows you your recent searches so you can easily repeat one of them. For any reason, you can delete your YouTube search history.

To do so, just tap and hold on a search that you want to remove from your search history and choose remove. If you want to delete your entire YouTube search history then head to Settings and choose ‘History and privacy’ and tap on ‘Clear search history’.

Delete watch history

You can complete your YouTube watch history; where you can see recent videos that you have watched. For that purpose, under ‘History and privacy’ you will find ‘Clear watch history’ option.

There you will also find ‘Pause watch history’ and ‘Pause search history’ toggle buttons. You can choose either pause watch history or pause search history or both.

Add videos to watch later list

Many a times we come across some videos that we would like to watch but due to some reason we don’t watch them and later on when we get some time to watch them we could not find them. Therefore, you should add videos to ‘Watch later’ list. This way you can easily find videos that you want to watch later.

To add a video to watch later list, play that video and top on add to playlists icon and select ‘Watch later’.

You can access your watch later list by heading to Library.

Adjust video playspeed

The app lets you play videos at different speeds. You can do so by tapping on Settings or three dots and selecting ‘Playback speed’.

Stop YouTube notifications

If YouTube notifications bother you then you can stop them doing so. Just go to Settings and choose ‘Notifications’ and then opt notifications that you would like to receive from the app and turn off other.

App also lets you set a specific time when daily you will get all notifications from the app.

Swipe up to see recommended videos

While watching a video on full screen, you can swipe your finger upside on your mobile screen to see recommended videos.

That’s all from my side. If you liked mentioned YouTube tricks and tips then help me reach more people. You can do so by sharing this post.

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