How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone, No Third Party App Required

two WhatsApp in one phone

So you want to use dual WhatsApp in one phone but can’t trust third party apps? Then fret not, in this post, I’ve come up with a simple solution that will let you use two WhatsApp in one phone without using any clone WhatsApp app. Also, I’ve a surprise for you if you own a Samsung smartphone! Instead of two, I’ll show you a simple way that will let you run three WhatsApp in your Samsung phone. And for that purpose you don’t need to install any third party tool. Let’s dive in!

Nowadays, we’re using WhatsApp for personal as well as official communication. Many a time, we wish we’d install two WhatsApp in our phone so we can keep one for personal use and one for business. Earlier it’s possible only with third party clone apps. But now latest smartphones are coming with such inbuilt features that let you make app clones. Using app clone feature, we can install two WhatsApp in one phone.

I observed that many mobile phone users still use third party apps to use dual WhatsApp. Probably they are not aware that their phone has inbuilt feature. For your information, all third party clone apps require user’s consent to get access to his/her phone’s personal data such as contact numbers, messages, location, photos and the like.

Therefore before installing or using such apps be sure to check their authenticity. Because some malicious android apps secretly steal your personal data for their own benefit.

Also, I don’t understand why would I use a third party app for a purpose that my phone can fulfill itself?

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to use two actually three WhatsApp in one phone. As mentioned before, all latest smartphones come with clone app/dual messenger/app twin feature. This feature lets you clone your social media apps like Facebook and messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp and the like. We’ll be using this feature to use dual WhatsApp.

After that, we’ll see how to run three WhatsApp in one phone. This trick will only work on Samsung phones. So let’s first see how to use two WhatsApp in one phone.

How to use two WhatsApp in one phone without installing any third party app

Use two WhatsApp in one phone for Samsung users

Own Samsung smartphone? Then watch above video instructions to use two WhatsApp in one phone. Otherwise, continue reading and follow the written instructions.

two WhatsApp in one phone

Install first WhatsApp app

Obviously, you already have installed first WhatsApp in your phone. If not, then open your phone app store say Google Play Store and install official messaging app. Here are the steps to install first WhatsApp:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for ‘WhatsApp’.
  • From the results, install official app.
  • Once installation completes, open your newly installed application and register using your mobile number.

After installing first messaging app, you can clone it by following steps mentioned in next trick.

Install second WhatsApp

As mentioned above, latest smartphones come with inbuilt clone app feature that can be used to make app clones and use two accounts of same app. Name of this feature varies from mobile manufacturer to manufacturer for example in Samsung it’s called ‘Dual Messenger’, Oppo calls it ‘Clone App’, Vivo calls it ‘App Clone’, and Honor calls it ‘App Twin’.

Let’s use your phone’s app clone feature to install two WhatsApp in one phone.

dual whatsapp

Head to Settings and find Dual Messenger/Clone App/App Clone/App Twin feature (according to your phone manufacturer).

In Samsung phones, you can use Dual Messenger option to use two WhatsApp in one phone. For that purpose, go to Settings then Advanced Features then Dual Messenger (see screenshot above). Tip: If you’re unable to find this option then use search bar of settings to find it.

Once you find this option, tap on it. Then you’ll be able to see list of apps that can be cloned. Just flip on WhatsApp toggle button to use two separate accounts for WhatsApp.

After toggling the button, you’ll be asked to press ‘OK/Install’. Just confirm your choice and second WhatsApp will be installed in your phone.

Wait till the installation completes.

Ta da! You’ve successfully installed two WhatsApp in one phone. You’ll find a new WhatsApp icon in your apps section or home screen. Now you can register a new number on this new installation.

This dual WhatsApp trick works in all latest smartphones.

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Install third WhatsApp

This trick is only for Samsung users.

After installing two WhatsApp in one phone, Samsung users have one more option that can help them install third WhatsApp. How? Let’s know.

You can create a secure and isolated space in your Samsung device using your smart manager settings. Samsung users can use that space to make clones of apps, store documents safely and to do work.

Samsung has launched Samsung My Knox and Secure Folder apps that allow you create a secure work space in your device. You can also use this space to make clone apps and these apps will work independently.

Using Samsung Secure Folder, you can run third WhatsApp account in your mobile. If you share sensitive information using this messaging app then you’d use this trick because this way you add an extra layer of security to your WhatsApp.

For that purpose, all you have to do is just follow the steps given below and you’ll be able to use three WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.

Update: Samsung has officially replaced My Knox app with Secure Folder. Nothing has changed except name. Also, secure folder offers more secure work space.

samsung secure folder

If your device runs on latest Android version then you can use instructions given below to install multiple WhatsApp in one phone.

Go to Settings then Biometrics and security. Next, tap on Secure Folder. Note: Depending on your phone model, you may find ‘Secure Folder’ option somewhere else but it’ll surely have this option.

Thereafter, you’ll need to follow one time initial setup process. Once you set it up successfully, go to your home screen and open apps section. In apps section, you’ll find a new app icon with ‘Secure Folder’ name. Usually this option appears in Samsung app folder.

Tap on that icon to open Secure Folder app. Once you open the app, tap on Add apps icon (see screenshot above).

Next swipe down and select WhatsApp (you can select other apps too) then tap on Add.

That’s it. You can see WhatsApp in Secure Folder. You can register a new number on this third WhatsApp.

Now you’ve installed third WhatsApp too and as promised we’ve not installed any third party app to achieve it.

Note: You can also tap on ‘Download from Playstore’ to install a fresh copy of WhatsApp or other apps. If you use mobile banking apps then you’d install them in Secure Folder for extra safety.

This way you can use multiple WhatsApp in one device.

Thanks for reading!

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