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  • Show Recent/Popular Posts in Blogger Without Any Coding

    Showing up recent posts or popular posts on a blog can dramatically increase your page views. If you display recent or popular posts in your sidebar then visitors can also read your other posts. There are different ways to show recent posts on a blog but in this post, we will show the simplest method. […]

  • How to add Links in Blogger Posts

    In today’s post we will show a simple way to add internal blog links (links to other posts) or external sites links (links to others sites) in a blog post. Adding other posts links in a blog post is a strategic way to insist visitors to read your other blog posts. You may refer your […]

  • How to add a Custom Blogger Header Image

    Blogger is a very fascinate place for newbie bloggers. Most of bloggers start their blogging journey with Google Blogger because it is free and very handy to use. Blogger has certain limitations like  we have only few themes and widgets on our  blogger blog. But we get a privilege with our free blogger account that […]

  • How to Add/Embed PDF files in Blogger Blog Posts

    Blogger has not provided an option to add pdf files in blog posts. But there are many ways to add/embed pdf file to our Blogger blog posts. Today, we will explain you an effortless way to add/embed a pdf file to a blog post.

  • How to create a Free Blog

    Blogging is all about sharing your experiences and knowledge. Some people use Blogs to promote their business and some other use Blogs to share their thoughts and experiences. Anyone can start a free blog or self hosted blog. Millions of people are sharing their knowledge with The World by blogging so if you have distinctive […]

  • How to add stylish Social Media Icons to a Blog

    Social media buttons are very efficient tool to increase your daily visitors or pageviews. With the help of social media buttons, your visitors can follow you on their favorite social networking site for example Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Moreover, you can share your new posts on these sites to  grow your audience. In today’s scenario, […]

  • How to submit sitemap on Bing,Yahoo and Google webmaster

    Simply Sitemap is a list of webpages of your site. Sitemaps proves to be an useful tool that helps to lift up the crawling of your site. Whenever you upload your website’s sitemap on search engines then search engines(Google, Bing) use these sitemaps to discover webpages on your site. Usually, for large sites (having more than […]

  • Do i need Hosting plan with custom domain name for Blogger ?

    Google Blogger is a great platform for new bloggers because it is free and anyone can use it. Often, newbies start blogging to earn money by Adsense or affiliate programs. Later on they realize that they should use custom domain for their blog. But most of newbies do not buy custom domain name for their […]

  • How to create a customized 404 Page Not Found Error Message

    404 Error is an error message that shows “page not found” or “File not found”. Generally, it shows that page/file has been removed or updated. This error appears when we update or delete any page from our site/blog. Although, we delete any page or article from our sit/blog but it still appears on search engine […]

  • How to Make Categories in Blogger

    It would be great if you have added categories in your blog. With the help of categories your visitors can read your other posts. Categorizing your blog posts is a strategic way to insist site visitors to read more related posts. You can add categories in your blog with the help of LABEL widget. You can find […]