Show Recent/Popular Posts in Blogger Without Any Coding

Showing up recent posts or popular posts on a blog can dramatically increase your page views. If you display recent or popular posts in your sidebar then visitors can also read your other posts. There are different ways to show recent posts on a blog but in this post, we will show the simplest method. You can display your recent or most popular posts on your blog with the help of popular posts widget. This widget allows you to show recent or popular posts with thumbnail and snippets. You can show up to 10 recent or most popular posts on your blog with one popular posts widget.

How to add recent posts widget in Blogger

Step 1: Login to Blogger dashboard and then go to Layout. Thereafter, click on add a gadget.(See screenshot)
 Blogger recent posts
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Step 2: Now, add a popular posts widget from the pop up window.
 blogger recent posts widget
Step 3: To configure popular posts widget follow steps given below:
 show recent posts
  • Name: Give a name to your widget for example; Write Popular Posts if you are going to show all time popular posts or last 30 days posts or Write Recent Posts if you are going to show last 7 days posts.
  • Most Viewed: Select which posts you want to show on your blog.
  • Show: In this section, you have choice to display snippet and thumbnail with post title. A small image from your posts will display with post title if you select thumbnail. Untick both thumbnail and snippet if you want to show simple post titles in recent posts.
  • In the end select number of posts that you want to display in recent posts widget and click on save.
  • See preview of your blog and then Save arrangement.
show recent posts blogger
Note: You can add more than one popular posts widget in your blog.
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