Samsung Tracker and Anti Theft Feature to Find a Lost/Stolen Phone

If you have an expensive Samsung smart phone then probably you will be worried that you phone could be lost. Samsung has aware of your worries, therefore, to vanish, your worries Samsung has developed some safety features to protect your phones against lost.  Samsung has been providing distinctive features in his smart phones to locate, track and lock a smart phone remotely. Moreover, with the help of these features you may erase/wipe your phone data remotely if your phone gets lost. If you go to your phone’s settings then you can see “FIND MY PHONE” option under security feature. In find my phone, you have three options related to your phone security, which are discussed as below:-

Option 1:-Remote Controls– This feature minimizes the risk of losing your personal data and information. It allows you to lock and erase your missing smart phone data remotely.
Option 2:- Sim Change Alert– This option informs to you when a new sim card is inserted in your Samsung smart phone. It sends an SMS to a predefined number when a new sim card inserted in your phone.
Option 3:- Find my mobile– This feature allows you to track your lost or stolen phone. This feature best practiced if you have lost your phone at your house or office. You can see your phone location on map and can reach to it.
Now, you know about the safety features of a Samsung phone. Therefore, it is time to use them. To do so follow steps discussed below:
Note: You need to have a Samsung account to use any of these features. So, if you do not have a Samsung account then create a new Samsung account first.
To learn how to create a Samsung account CLICK HERE

To Activate Remote Controls Feature

As we discussed above, you can use this feature to save your personal information and data from theft by locking or wiping up your data remotely. So do not use this feature if you do not have any type of confidential data in your phone.  I am saying this because this feature uses your Google location, which means it will consume more battery power. Therefore, it is worthless to activate this feature if you do not need it.
1.      Go to phone’s settings and then go to security.
2.      Now find Remote controls option.(See Screenshot)
3.      Select remote controls feature and then enter your Samsung account’s user ID and password.

4.      Turn remote controls feature “ON” and mark/check Use wireless networks.

 anti theft
Note:- To use this service your device must be online.

To use Remote Controls Feature

To use remote controls feature go to  and login with a valid User ID and Password. After that, select Lock my screen or Wipe my device option and follow the instructions. Use, wipe my device option very carefully because it will erase your phone data permanently.

To activate Sim Change Alert Feature

1.      Go to phone’s settings and then go to security.
2.      Now find Sim Change Alert option. (See Screenshot above)
3.      Enter Samsung Account user ID and password.
4.      Turn ON sim change alert.
5.      Enter an alert message like  Sim changed, New Sim inserted etc.

6.      Add a recipient who will receive alert messages from your device by selecting contacts or Create option. You may add more than one recipient. Do not add your own number. You should add you parents number or sibling number as a recipient.

 samsung anti theft
Note: Standard SMS charges are applicable.
To check your sim alert feature is working or not, Change you sim card and see recipient got an alert sms or not. If recipient did not get alert message then go back to sim alert settings and check them. Do not forget to add your country code in recipient number.

To use Find my phone feature

To use this feature click on Find my phone feature or directly visit login with a Samsung account. After logging in click on Locate my device and follow instructions.
Suggestion: To my mind, Sim change alert is more efficacious than find my phone and remote controls features. Because find my phone and remote controls features cannot work if your phone is off-line (Not connected to internet). Sim change alert is more functional because it is obvious that theft will insert his sim in your stolen phone.

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