Samsung J7 Prime Hard Reset – Factory Reset Your Device

samsung j7 prime hard reset

Is your Samsung phone crashing, hanging, or running slow? Then hard or factory reset may solve your phone problems. One can think of resetting his/her phone if phone problems are not going by taking simple measures such as resetting settings. Also, if you’re selling your phone then you’d reset it before handing it over to someone. In this tutorial, I will walk you through Samsung J7 Prime hard reset process (works for other Samsung phones too). Many of us, unnecessarily reset our phones to fix minor problems therefore we’ll also look at some alternatives.

I don’t recommend Samsung J7 Prime hard reset unless you don’t have any other option. Because it (reset) deletes all of your phone data including images, videos, contacts, apps, documents. Therefore, before resetting your Samsung phone try below mentioned fixes. Perhaps any of them may work for you.

If these fixes don’t work then you can think of Samsung J7 Prime hard reset.

Follow these steps one by one. If these small fixes can solve your phone problems then why should you factory reset your Samsung phone. Hard or factory reset is time consuming and you lost all of your phone data and personal settings.

Therefore I advise you go step-by-step. If none of them works then as mentioned above you’ve Samsung J7 Prime hard reset option.

Note: This post is specially written for Samsung J7 Prime but fixes and reset process discussed here can also be followed to reset other Samsung smartphones also.

Fix 1: Phone is lagging?

If your Samsung phone is lagging then it might be because of low internal phone memory. If your phone is indeed running on low internal memory then simply move your phone data to your SD card or delete some data from your phone to free up some space.

To run your phone smoothly keep at least 20 percent of your phone storage free at all times.

You can also delete unnecessary data files from your Samsung phone to free up some space. To do so, head to Settings > Device Maintenance > touch Storage > tap on Clean Now.

Note: Phone uses its own internal storage not SD card’s.

Fix 2: Samsung reset settings

If you’re facing setting related problem then Samsung reset settings would be a good option than factory reset. To reset settings, head to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Settings.

After resetting settings of your Samsung phone, switch it off and turn it on after 2-3 minutes. This fix may solve your phone’s settings related problems. Note: This will remove all your personal settings but not data.

Fix 3: Slow internet connection or no internet?

If you’re facing slow internet or no internet problem then you can try this fix. In internet related issues, hard reset should not be an option. Resetting network settings can fix such problems.

To reset your Samsung internet settings, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Fix 4: Samsung Galaxy automatically restarting?

If your Samsung phone restarts automatically then you can follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Some malicious apps or third party apps that run in background may be the reason due to which your phone is restarting automatically. Just uninstall suspicious apps from your phone. Also, check what apps are running in background especially that handle messaging, location, and calling etc.
  • Also, if you’ve installed a third-party theme then remove that one and use default phone theme.
  • There are some apps that our phone needs all the time to run if you’ve mistakenly disabled any of them then it might be causing this problem. Just go to Settings Applications or Apps > swipe down to bottom and there you can see all disabled apps. Enable all pre-installed Android apps that you’ve disabled.
  • Sometimes overheating also causes auto shut down. In that case, check your battery uses by heading to SettingsDevice Maintenance > Battery > there you can see battery usage of different apps. Disable apps those are using too much battery. If overheating does not stop then visit a nearest Samsung service centre.

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Samsung J7 Prime hard reset

None of the above fixes worked? Then you can try this final solution, Samsung J7 Prime hard reset, if this too does not work then you’ll have to contact the retailer or manufacturer.

There are two ways to factory reset Samsung phone: 1) Through settings and 2) Through boot menu. Let me show you both ways one by one.

Above video language is Hindi. If you understand the language then you can follow video instruction. Otherwise read on.

Factory reset Samsung J7 Prime through settings

Go to Settings and then General Management.

Samsung J7 Prime hard reset

Tap on Reset then Factory data reset.

Swipe to bottom and hit Reset button.

Next, tap on Delete All.

Now, you’ll will asked to enter your Samsung account password. Enter your Samsung account password and hit Confirm button. Or if you’ve have enabled fingerprint authentication then you can put you finger on fingerprint sensor for authentication.

That’s it. Now your Samsung phone will be reset. Just wait until it finishes formatting. During this process, you’re supposed to do nothing just wait.

Samsung J7 Prime hard reset through boot menu

You can hard reset your Samsung phone through boot menu. For that purpose, follow the instructions given below.

reset samsung

Switch off your phone by holding power button for a while.

Thereafter, press and hold Volume up + Home + Power buttons together and don’t release them until boot menu appears.

samsung j7 prime hard reset

Note: If you’ve infinity display phone that does not have physical Home button then press and hold only Volume up + Power buttons.

Once Android recovery menu appears, use volume up and down buttons and highlight Wipe data/Factory Reset.

Then press Power button.

Again use up/down volume keys and highlight Yes and then press Power button to proceed.

Well done! You’ve performed Samsung J7 Prime hard reset successfully. Now, highlight Reboot System Now and press Power button.

Your phone will take 10-15 minutes to setup your device. Just be patient! Don’t touch or press any button until Samsung welcome screen appears.

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