Samsung HS130 Earphone Review

Samsung HS130 earphones

There’s no doubt that our smartphones and earphones are our best travel companions. A journey becomes pleasant when we listen to our favorite music. Nowadays audio equipment manufacturing companies offer you best quality earphones under certain budgets for example Samsung HS130 earphone. Samsung HS130 earphones helps you listen to your favorite music under your budget.

This set of earphone has gathered some acclaim from its users. Though these earphones are not the best earphones available out there but certainly they are one of the best under this price category. In this Samsung HS130 earphone review post, we’re going to check its highs and lows to decide whether to buy Samsung HS130 earphone or not.


  • Elegant design available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Close to crystal clear sound
  • Good bass & treble
  • Many handy keys like volume up/down, call answering button
  • Value for money
  • User Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Reviewkart Rating: 3.5 out of 5


  • Fragile cable
  • Sound distorts after certain level
Samsung HS130 earphones

With a price tag Rs. 649 Samsung HS130 in-ear type earphones help you listen to you favorite music with high quality sound. They come in five elegant colors. They fit quite perfectly in any size of ears. You get three pairs of silicon ear caps of different sizes.

On the back side of both earphones, you’ve Samsung branding. It’s ideal 1.2m cord length that is sufficient for an earphone set. 9mm audio jack almost fits into all smartphones’ audio jacks. It is almost compatible with all smartphones.

Samsung HS130’s weight is very light so you can listen to music for longer hours. If I talk about its sound quality then their bass is quite impressive. And when you listen to music under 80 percent volume level then you can enjoy all kind of music. 

I don’t hesitate to mention that Samsung has been offering best possible audio quality under this budget.

It’s always advisable to buy earphones with microphone to attend calls without holding your smartphone near to your ears. Here, your Samsung HS130 earphones come with built-in microphone that lets you make or attend calls easily.

You also have a call answer/disconnect button. You can also use this button to play and pause music.

As mentioned earlier you’ve a play and pause button and apart from that you’ve volume up and volumer down keys to control volume.

What I didn’t like

As every coin has a two sides, therefore, Samsung HS130 has some issues for example its cable is quite fragile and requires extra care. Also, its sound distorts after certain volume say 80 percent.


Samsung HS130 earphone is a best earphone under this budget. Yes, they are not the best but certainly they’re one of the best earphones under your budget. They totally justify their price.

However, if you’re expecting crystal clear sound quality from them then you might be disappointed because under this budget you can only expect good sound quality and there is no doubt they’re offering you. If your budget is flexible then you can think of Sennheiser CX 275s.

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