Portability:- How to request for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Portability allows a user to switch from current mobile network to new mobile network without changing his/her number. Mobile number portability proves to be a very beneficial service for many users. Since portability service has started in India, customers have got a privilege to change their existing service provider if they are not satisfied by their service provider. Most of the companies have been doing slog over to satisfy their customers since portability service has come.  Telecommunication companies have been giving very lucrative plans and offers to their customers. However, some of them fail to satisfy their customers. In earliest time customers had no option to port their number to another sim service provider. Now time has changed, in case, you are not satisfied with your existing sim service provider then you do not have any type of compulsion you can transfer your number to another sim service provider. If you wish you can port your number to another sim service provider. With the help of portability service a user can transfer his/her number to another operator. Once you put a request for portability, your number gets port to your selected service provider within a week. Meanwhile, you can cancel your request for portability.

Mobile Number Portability
The procedure of portability is very simple. With the help of this post you can readily request for Mobile Number Portability (MNP). To port your number to another operator you have to send an SMS (Discussed below) to get a code on your number. Before, requesting for portability I would say that once you switched to new operator you cannot switch back to your last operator for 3 months. In other words you have to wait for 3 months to request for new portability.
Steps to request for portability:-
Step 1:- First of all, you have to send an SMS to 1900 to get an  eight digit code which you will give to your new service provider to get a SIM card.
Type:- PORT*Space*Your 10 digit mobile number and send it to 1900.
For example; Port 9xxxxxxxx8 sent it to 1900
After sending above sms, you will get a code on your number.
Step 2:- Go to customer care centre of the operator in which you want to transfer your connection. Fill a sim portability form. You have to write a code in portability form (Which you have received on your number) without that code you cannot request for portability.
Step 3:- Once you will submit a form. Customer care executive will give a new sim card (you have to pay for that). It will take a week to transfer your number to new sim service provider.
Note:- Got frustrate because of promotional calls and messages from your service provider then we want to tell you that you can activate DND (Do not disturb) service on your number to get rid of unsolicited commercial communication calls and messages. After activating DND service you will not get any calls from your service provider. To know more about DND service visit this link click here.

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