Phone Call Log/History is Not Updating in Android Phones

There is no doubt that smartphones become a part of our life. We cannot survive without these incredible gadgets. Smartphones have a wide range of functions like; games, apps, widgets. Sometimes these become a headache when we face some unrecognized problems in our smart phones such as call log problem because of that phone does not show recent callers detail. In this post, you will be guided to solve this problem. Here, we have listed some solutions to enable your call log. You are advised to follow these solutions one by one.

Steps to enable call log

Date and Time settings: The first and foremost reason due to which call log may be stop updating is your smartphone’s date and time settings. So check out your phone’s date and time settings. Your phone’s date, time and time zone should be according to your location. After correcting date and time settings of your phone switch OFF your phone and turn it ON after ten seconds.

Clear Cache: Unfortunately, if the problem still exists then you may try this. Sometimes, your cache data may cause such problems so clear you cache data.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Then go to Storage and clear cache data.
  • Restart your

Restart Your Phone: Often, this trick works. To do this just turn off your phone and remove sim cards from it. Switch it ON after three minutes.

Ram Memory: If your phone is running on low ram memory then it may cause such problems. Therefore, free some ram memory by uninstalling unnecessary apps or games. You may disable some unused apps from your phone.

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