Top Online Electronics Shopping Sites in India

January 11, 2024 | by Sunil Dogra


Over the past few years, online shopping has become very popular in India. As a result, we can see numerous online shopping websites. Nowadays, if you search for a product online, you can see a list of hundreds of websites that offer you the product you’re looking for. And for your information, many of them are just scam based websites or have very poor customer service. If you’re skeptical whether to shop online or not. Then, I’ve a very simple answer, a big YES! Of course, you should shop online. But just shop on right place. In this post, I’ll be showing you top online electronics shopping sites in India.

One can expect authentic products with manufacturer warranty (not seller) and good customer service from list electronics shopping stores.

Myth Buster: Today, online stores give you warranty as you get when you buy products from a physical store.

There are many multi-product online shopping stores available but there’re a few niche based like online shopping sites only for clothes, electronics, fashion, furniture and the like, exist out there. Niche based online stores offer more specific and quality products than multi-product online stores.

Therefore, always prefer to buy things from a store that is more product specific. Though, it’s almost impossible to find a store that is product specific, however, you can pick a store that is niche specific for example store who only sells electronic products. This way you could find a good product.

Now, let’s come back to the point. As I mentioned earlier, there are many websites out there from whom you can buy electronics items and many of them offer quality products at huge discounts. Here in this listicle, I’m going to show you top electronics online stores in India that offer quality products and good customer service.

online electronics shopping sites in India

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites

  • TataCLiQ
  • Reliance Digital
  • Amazon
  • Croma
  • Flipkart
  • JioMart

If you want to buy an original electronic item online then you can buy it from any of the listed online electronics shopping stores. As title shows this list is specifically for Indian shoppers.

Note: This list does not represent any ranking. You can pick any of them to shop online.

Tata Unistore, a Tata group business, has launched its online shopping store, TataCLiQ. This online shopping store is very new and it’s hardly one year old but the store has gathered good response. Within one year, it’s become one of the top online stores in India.

Company is spending huge amount to get discovered for example if you search any product online then you’ll certainly see TataCLip at the top of the search results (Google’s sponsored products). This could be a best place to buy electronics online. It also offers reasonable discount on select products. As expected, it has cash on delivery facility.

The store has three shipping methods; express delivery (for fast delivery), standard delivery, and CLIQ AND PIQ delivery. For your information, if you select ‘CLIQ AND PIQ’ delivery option then you can collect your product directly from its physical store or partner’s store. TataCLip calls this Phygital experience.

It also has launched a separate luxury online store where you can find luxury branded products. Only luxury brands are listed on that store.

The store claims that it ensures you receive only authentic products. Like other online stores, you’ll find different warranty options. But as mentioned earlier choose only manufacturer warranty.

Design and layout of the website and app is very user friendly. I must say TataCLiQ online store is one of the best online electronics shopping sites in India available out there.

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Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital is a good example of niche based online store, it only sells electronics items. The store has a range of products which includes 50 international and national brands and over 4000 products to choose from.

You get authentic products, service guaranty and lucrative discount and cashback offers. Loyalty rewards also very attractive to save money on your future orders.

Reliance Digital has more than 300 stores across the country. It’s certainly one of best online electronics shopping stores in the country.

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It is a well-known international eCommerce store and it hardly needs any introduction. Amazon is certainly a best place to buy electronic products online. This eCommerce website is too big so it’s quite obvious that it has a large network of sellers (small and medium). You should buy a product from a reputed Amazon seller to get authentic product.

Over the time, Amazon has faced huge competition and that’s why to retain its position it’s been spending decent amount of money on advertisements. You can watch its ads on almost all TV channels.

There’s no doubt Amazon is one of the top online electronics shopping sites in India therefore you can buy your electronic item from this store. But always buy from a reputed seller and pay attention to reviews and ratings. If the product has good reviews and ratings then you can buy that product.

Never buy a product who has bad reviews and low overall rating. Here, I would like to mention that some cunning sellers create fake positive reviews and ratings (also, applicable on all online stores) so read more and more reviews and give importance to verified buyers who actually have bought the product. Know how to shop on Amazon.

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Croma online store could be your one stop desalination for online electronics shopping. It’s one of the renowned online electronics shopping sites in India. Croma also has physical presence across the country. This store only sells electronic products therefore it’s a kind of niche specific store.

You can get huge discount on select products. But many products remain out of stock on the store. However, it’s a good place to buy electronic items online. Many online stores are offering products on no cost EMI. This store too has this option.

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India’s first online startup that grabbed everyone’s attention and inspired many others to try their luck. I’ve shopped on Flipkart many times and so far my shopping experience is quite good. It’s an unbeatable competitor for other online shopping sites in India.

Time to time, it runs flash sale and end of season sale in which its users get irresistible discounts on their favorite products. Flipkart is certainly a best place for online electronics shopping.

Flipkart facilitates installation and demo (for electronic products that require installation) for its customers. And its easy returns policy lets you easily return a product if it’s faulty or damaged or not as described. Know how to shop on Flipkart.

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Another good option to buy electronics online. It’s a multi-product online shopping platform that is growing at a rapid pace. You can pick this store to buy your electronic product. It offers millions of products at lucrative price. You can also call to JioMart support team to order your product and at select places it offers same day delivery service.

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Above were my selected top online electronics shopping sites in India. You can buy your favorite electronic product from any of the above stores. While shopping online, must follow the important points those I’ve mentioned, before beginning of the listicle, for a pleasant shopping experience.

And don’t worry nowadays online electronics stores have evolved so much and offer you the same services as a physical store offers you.

Tips for seamless online shopping experience

Before I take you through our list of top online electronics stores in India, I suggest you to pay attention to the following points to ensure a seamless online shopping experience.

Note: You can find these details in the product description section.

Brand new or refurbished : Many online electronics shopping sites in India offer huge discount, sometimes more than 60 percent, on some products. Don’t get lured because they might be refurbished. Therefore, while buying electronics items online, first thing you should see whether the product you are buying is brand new or refurbished. Read, “What refurbished electronics are and benefits of buying such products?”

Type of warranty: Online electronics stores give huge discount on products to beat their competitors and sometimes at the purchase price; just for promotion. Some sellers on these online electronics shopping sites (you might already know these websites don’t sell products themselves, these just sell products through local and international sellers) change warranty type from manufacturer to seller to make some profit.

So, second thing you have to see while buying electronics items online is warranty type. If warranty type is “Manufacturer Warranty” then close your eyes and buy the product. In other scenario, if warranty type is “Seller Warranty“then I don’t recommend you to buy the product.

Refund policy: As of now, no seller has return policy for online electronic products; even you don’t have this option if you buy the same from a physical store. But if you receive a damaged or faulty product then you’re entitled to get refund or replacement. So, always see refund policy of the product you’re buying.

No warranty if you install the product on your own: Here most people make mistake. They just open the box as soon as they receive it. But for your information, warranty will be applicable if only an authorized service/delivery person opens the packaging.

Site or brand will contact you and facilitate installation and demo at time of your convenience. So, don’t open the packaging. Note: This is applicable on only products that require installation.

Don’t just see price: Yes, we’ve the right to save some money and discount is our birthright (just kidding!) but don’t just see the price, pay attention to all the points those I’ve mentioned above. BTW must read our latest guide on how to save money while shopping online.

There are also some points you should look after while shopping online, read our 14 steps guide for safe shopping online.

Now, you’re ready to buy an electronic items online. Read on to know list of online electronics shopping sites in India. Note: This list is based on the following parameters: online presence, customer review, product quality, and customer service. This list may change in the future therefore bookmark this page to read it again.

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