Nokia Lumia:- Gmail for Nokia Lumia

Many of us have Nokia Lumia windows phone. Elegant tiles make these phones very attractive but it becomes very annoying when you cannot upload documents to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc directly from Nokia Lumia windows phone’s browser. However, If we add Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail account in our phone then we can upload/attach files and also can  forward them to others. So there is no need to download any app to phone for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc just add your account in your phone and then you can receive emails and send emails directly from your phone.

STEP 1: Go to your phone’s settings and then go to email + accounts as shown in screenshot below.

nokia lumia gmail

STEP 2: Now just select which account you want to add in your phone for example; if  you want to add gmail account then select Google as shown in image below.

nokia lumia gmail app

If you want to add twitter account then select twitter in case if your choice is not in the list then select other account and enter your account user name and password.

STEP 3: Google account icon will appear on your phone’s menu. Now, gmail account is added in your phone. You can send and receive emails to your phone, also you can upload/attach files to send others. You can add more accounts to your windows phone by repeating the same process.

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