JBL GO Review: Best Bluetooth Speakers?

JBL GO speaker

For many of us, music is a companion that helps us vanish stress of a hectic day. It helps us feel energetic. Earlier home theaters were supposed to enjoy high quality music. But in today’s hustle and bustle only a few lucky people get leisure time to pursue their hobbies like listening to music through home theaters, rest of all are running in a never ending marathon race.

Audio equipment manufacturing companies very well aware of this fact. That’s why these’re now offering high quality audio devices in smallest possible sizes like headphones, earphones, portable speakers and the like, to music lovers.

Nowadays, portable speakers are in great demand. Many renowned speaker manufacturing companies like JBL, Phillips, Sony, Sennheiser and the like offering high quality portable wired and wireless speakers.

Today we’ve got a tiny piece of box belongs to JBL by Harman which suppose to produce high quality sound. Did I confuse you? If yes, then sorry. Actually we’re going to review JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. 

JBL Go portable wireless Bluetooth speaker review

JBL go review

In this JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker review, we’ll take a look on highs and lows of this device and will help you decide whether to buy JBL GO speakers or not.


  • Elegant design available in 8 vibrant colors
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Compact size; fits into trouser pocket
  • Impressive bass & treble
  • Many handy keys like volume up/down, call answering button
  • Noise reduction speakerphone
  • Wireless via Bluetooth and can also be connected through audio cable
  • Li-ion battery that provides up to 5 hours battery backup
  • User Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Our Rating: 4 out of 5


  • MRP is a bit high but it’s okay because you can get online discount
  • Unnecessarily large lanyard holes
  • Struggles to achieve low-frequency sounds
  • Its successor JBL Go 2 waterproof is also available

JBL Go speakers’ successor JBL Go 2 is more elegant, powerful than this. Also, latest model is waterproof.

Continue reading to read JBL Go review.

Design and material

JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has following dimensions 68.3mm × 82.7mm × 30.8mm. It’s genuinely a compact size portable speaker that fits into your pocket easily; but 130 grams weight would be an issue.

Simple and elegant design, available in 8 vibrant colors, grabs attention of many.

JBL Go has made up from high quality durable material. You’ve speaker protection grill on the front edge along with JBL branding.

Top edge has slightly raised control buttons like volume up/down, call answering button, power, Bluetooth; to pair a new device.

JBL GO speaker

Right edge has 3.5mm audio jack; to connect it through audio cable, Micro-USB port, and microphone; to attend calls through JBL Go.

On the opposite edge you’ve unnecessarily large lanyard holes to secure JBL Go. Back edge has nothing except JBL branding.

Connectivity and battery

JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker can be connected through Bluetooth as well as audio cable. So you can easily connect it to your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Bluetooth version 4.1 allows you quickly pair it to any device.

JBL GO speaker is empowered with rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer 600mAh battery. As per JBL by Harman, JBL Go Bluetooth speaker’s battery can play music for up to 5 hours.

But after playing music for a while (actually more than a while) at higher volume, we concluded that battery backup may vary slightly.

Battery can be recharged with any Micro-USB charger.

Sound Quality

Now let’s talk about its sound quality! After listening to music on JBL Go for hours, I can say JBL Go Bluetooth speaker plays crystal clear music even at higher volume; many portable speakers’ sound distort after certain levels.

Recently I’ve reviewed HP 2.0 Compact Speakers those are best affordable portable wired speakers but their sound distorts after certain level. But here I must say JBL GO portable wireless Bluetooth speaker earns a thumbs up.

Apart from that, JBL Go speaker produces 180Hz – 20,000Hz frequency that is enough to fill a room with sound. If you’re looking for portable speakers to substitute your laptop speakers under certain budget then JBL Go could fulfill your requirements.

I would like to mention a drawback of JBL Go that it cannot play low frequency sounds precisely.

Device is equipped with a built-in microphone so you can attend your important calls without disconnecting your smartphone from it. Microphone has noise reduction ability to let you make high quality calls.

It’s following buttons: power button, call answer/end button, Bluetooth button; to pair a device, volume up button, and volume down button.

It also has an eye-catching blue LED light.


I must say JBL is offering best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 2500 or $40 (I know they come with Rs. 2699 or $40 price tag but they’re available at discount). This small size speaker indeed produces loud and clear sound.

Definitely this is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there. However, if your budget is flexible then you can think of JBL Flip 3 or JBL Go 2.


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