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HP 2.0 Compact Speakers

Today in this HP 2.0 compact speakers review, I’ll be highlighting highs and lows of these wired speakers. In this day and age when you have many Bluetooth speakers options such as JBL GO, under the same price category, still some o us prefer wired speakers for specific reasons for example if your desktop does not have Bluetooth connectivity. So let’s dive in!

Everybody likes to listen music. Is there anyone who does not? To make our listening experience better, we buy expensive headphones, speakers, and sometimes compact speakers; usually when you’re not satisfied with your laptop speakers’ sound quality or need a travel companion.

Many people prefer to carry compact speakers while traveling. Also, if you’ve very limited space on your desk then compact speakers would be good for you.

Today, we are going to review HP 2.0 Compact Speakers. I’ve been using them for more than 1 year and to my mind, this could be a best affordable option to enhance your laptop’s sound quality (only if you need wired speakers, if your audio device has Bluetooth connectivity then prefer Bluetooth speakers).

In this HP 2.0 Compact Speakers review, I am going to highlight highs and lows of this gadget.

HP 2.0 Compact Speakers review


  • Elegant design
  • Crystal clear sound; up to volume level 60
  • Very small in size and easily fit into laptop backpack
  • Impressive bass
  • Reasonable price
  • You can connect your mobile also; if you’ve power-bank


  • At the same budget good Bluetooth speaker options are available
  • Beyond sound level 60 sound distorts
  • No volume control buttons
  • Wired – very messy
  • No speaker grill to prevent dust
  • Certainly not meant to enjoy music, just a good replacement or alternative if you’re looking for speakers to just hear output sound of your machine

My personal experience

Before starting HP 2.0 Compact Speakers review, let me share my personal experience, I’ve been using HP 2.0 Compact Speakers for more than 1 year and so for I am somewhat satisfied with the quality. Though, my laptop already has Bang & Olufsen (B&O), a renowned electronics company, speakers that offer a very high quality of sound but their sound level is not so high.

That’s the very reason, I tried HP 2.0 compact speakers and luckily they are doing their job perfectly, in my case. One thing that I didn’t like about them is beyond the volume level 60, sound distorts and becomes very annoying. And wires, really these are big mess. I couldn’t find apply any wire management technique for them.

Now let’s discuss highs and lows of HP 2.0 compact speakers briefly.

HP 2.0 Compact Speakers

The brand HP offers a variety of compact speakers: Bluetooth and wired, to choose from. And HP 2.0 compact speakers are one of those who have received more acclaim, in wired category.

People acclaim this product due to two major reasons: the very first reason is their price; you can get them at the rate of Rs. 500- Rs. 600 or $10-$12, and the other one is their perfect sound quality under certain sound level say 60, in my case.

Design, appearance and build quality

HP 2.0 compact speakers come with a glossy finish and elegant design. Build quality is quite satisfactory. They fit in perfectly with your laptop. Their dimensions are (width×height×depth) 68.07 mm × 77.8 mm × 63.5 mm (each) and weight is 270 grams due to this compact size, it’s very easy to carry them anywhere.

At the front side, you’re getting HP branding with left and right speakers sign.

They have one USB port and one 3.5 mm audio jack. At the bottom, you have a green light power indicator.

Sound Quality

Let’s come to the main point, if I talk about HP 2.0 wired speakers’ sound quality then it’s quite impressive under volume level 60, in my case, but beyond this volume level sound distorts and becomes somewhat annoying. You will get two speakers with total output 2W, 1W each, that can produce up to 70 db sound; that’s way better than laptop’s.

If you’re expecting to get more than 70 db sound then you will need to increase your budget a pinch. However, HP 2.0 speakers output is good enough for a standard size room.


HP 2.0 compact wired speakers are compatible with almost all devices (smartphones as well as desktops) having 3.5mm audio jack.

To give them power, you can connect their USB connector to your laptop, desktop, power bank, or your mobile charger.

This is how sometimes I use my HP 2.0 compact speakers. If you’ve a mobile power bank (Candytech CT101 – 4400 mAH Power Bank recommended – I’ve been using it for two years and quite satisfied) then you can connect your smartphone to your HP 2.0 speakers.

How cool!  Just insert your HP speakers’ USB port in your power bank USB port and put 3.5mm audio jack in your phone’s audio port and enjoy the music.


It’s obvious that in ₹500 – ₹600 or $10- $12, we’re not going to get everything perfect for example beyond the certain volume level, music becomes noise. Here are some other lows of HP 2.0 compact speakers:

HP 2.0 compact speakers don’t have grill to prevent dust which would be a problem. It’s very difficult to clean dust from speaker cone.

You will need to hide speaker wires, which are too many, behind your laptop or computer.

There is no power ON/OFF or volume control button on the speakers. You’ve to control everything from your computer/laptop. The speakers switch ON/OFF with your computer.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a pair of wired speakers to just boost up your laptop’s sound then this pair of speakers can do the job under your budget. HP 2.0 compact speakers are perfect for those who want to listen good sound quality under limited budget. Don’t expect anything outstanding from them, they’re just between laptop speakers and 2.1 channel speakers. It’s a value for money product due to its price.

I hope, this will help you make a decision.

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