How to Take Screenshot on Samsung, Iphone, Windows Phone, Micromax Etc

It is a nice way to save something on your phone by taking a screenshot. You can save any note image, chat history by taking screenshots. Now a days, mostly all phones have this feature and with the help of this feature you can save anything to your phone. I would like to tell you that some old phones do not have this feature for example; Windows 7.5 or 7.8 phones do not have this feature but Windows 8 phones have this feature so you can take screenshot if you have Windows 8 phone.To take screenshot from your phone see following steps:-

To take Screenshot from Android phones:-

1) For Samsung phones

To take screenshot from Samsung phone just press Power key + Home key at the same time as shown in screenshot :-

samsung screen shot
When screen will blink then release keys.Your screenshot will be save in Gallery in Screenshot Folder.

2) For Micromax:-

To take Screenshot from Micromax just press Power key + Volume Down key at the same time and wait till screen blink.Your screenshot will be save in Gallery in Screenshot Folder.
 Micromax screenshot

To take Screenshot in Windows Phone:-

If you have windows 8 phone then you can take Screenshot because Windows 7.5 or 7.8 do not have this feature. So to take screenshot from Windows 8 phone just press Power key + Start Key at the same time.
To take Screenshot in Iphone:-
To take screenshot in Iphone just press Home key + Power key at the same time.Wait till screen blink then release keys. Your screenshot will be save in images.
If you have other phone then to take screenshot from that phone you can try by pressing different keys.

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