How to submit sitemap on Bing,Yahoo and Google webmaster

Simply Sitemap is a list of webpages of your site. Sitemaps proves to be an useful tool that helps to lift up the crawling of your site. Whenever you upload your website’s sitemap on search engines then search engines(Google, Bing) use these sitemaps to discover webpages on your site. Usually, for large sites (having more than 500 pages) sitemaps proves to be a very effective tool to get indexed on search engines

Every blogger should submit his sitemap on search engines because whenever you create a new posts then search engines can automatically crawl and index your new posts. Yes, Blogger has its own sitemap system but it has a problem that it shows recent posts only. So, for better crawling results you should create a sitemap that contains list of  all of your site urls. Sitemaps may not help to get better ranking but sitemaps helps to classify your site on search engines.

Benefits of submitting sitemaps on Search Engines:-

  • Well indexed pages often shown up in the search engine results.
  • Search engines takes less time to crawl your site because of easier navigation and better visibility.
  • Your new posts get indexed automatically and faster.
  • Sitemaps categorize your site more effectively.
  • If your site is new or your site has new pages then it would be great for you to submit your sitemap on search engines.
 Note: Now Blogger automatically generates sitemaps for blogspot blogs. I’ve launched a blog VowBlog where I teach free blogging and I’ve written a fresh post on this topic. You can click here (Link will redirect you to VowBlog) to read updated post on how to submit sitemap on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

Generate full Sitemap of your blog :-

First of all, you have to create sitemap of your site before submitting it on search engines. You can generate sitemap of your self hosted Domain ( or for free hosted Domain ( is very easy to create a sitemap. There are many sites available which generate free  sitemap for your blog or you can create sitemap for your blog/site by following these steps:-
Copy below code and Just replace your domain name with your blog address.
http://www.your domain
See these examples for more clarification:-
1.If you have blogspot domain
2. If you have self hosted domain
Note :- This site map is for 500 pages. If your site has more than 500 pages then you have to create one more sitemap for next 500 pages. Each sitemap is for 500 pages so you can create more than one sitemap if your site has 1000 or more than 1000 pages.
For next 501-1000 pages you have to create different sitemap for example;
http://www.your domain
For next 1001-1500 pages:-
http://www.your domain

Submitting your sitemap on Google Webmaster Tool:-

After creating sitemap of your site/blog next step is to submit your site on Google Webmaster Tool.
1.     First of all, Login to Google Webmaster Tool then from Webmaster homepage select your site.
2.     Now Click on Sitemaps.
3.     Thereafter, From the top right corner click on Add a sitemap.
4.     Now paste xml code which you have created and click on Test Sitemap. submit sitemapSee is there any error or not. Usually, in Google webmaster tool you do not need to enter your site address with xml code. You just have to enter remaining code for example just enter atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 code and click on Test sitemap. If there is no error found in xml code then click on Submit sitemap.
5.     Now, you have submitted your sitemap on Google webmaster tool. It takes a week to index your webpages.

Submitting Sitemap on Bing Webmaster Tool:-

Submitting sitemap on Bing Webmaster Tool will index your pages on both Bing and Yahoo.
1.     First of all, Login to Bing Webmaster Tool then click on Submit a Sitemap.
submit sitemap to google
2.     Paste xml code in box and click on submit.
 submit sitemap to google yahoo
3.     Bing Webmaster tool normally takes a week to index your site.

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