How to Stop Youtube Videos in Smartphones in New Youtube Update

Youtube is a very fascinating place to watch latest music videos, movies promos and for latest news. Youtube has provided a place for youth to show their talent. I mean to say that you can upload your videos on Youtube to show people your talent. Almost, all renowned singers post their new videos on Youtube. Youtube has provided an update for smartphones to improve user experience. In this new update user can explore more videos on Youtube without stopping current video which means you can minimize a video. This update has been launched for unlimited entertainment. If you are using WiFi then this new update would give you better experience than previous version of Youtube. On the other hand, this new update consumes more data of your phone if you are using mobile internet connection so in that case you can stop a video which is playing in minimized window. To do this just swipe minimized video towards left side( See screenshot).

 Steps to stop a video in Youtube:-

 In new Youtube update when you press back button then the current video converts into a small screen and you can explore other videos on Youtube. If you want to stop that video which has been playing in small window then just swipe minimized/small window towards left side.(for more clarification see screenshot)

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