How to stop Flash Messages in Vodafone

With the help of Flash message service of Vodafone we get offers on our SIM card in the form of flash messages. Moreover, we can win some prizes by participating in quizzes. We can activate or deactivate flash message service of Vodafone anytime. There is no activation or deactivation charges of this service. This service of Vodafone is somewhat beneficial for us. But sometimes it becomes very irksome because we get plenty of flash messages daily or we accidentally click on any flash message (because of unwanted service charges). Today, we will show you some simple steps to stop flash messages from Vodafone.

Steps to stop Vodafone Flash Messages:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s menu and then open Vodafone services or Sim Services.

flash notification

Step 2: Now select FLASH!From the option list.

stop flash notifications

Step 3: Select Activation after that opt Deactivate. When you will click on Deactivate a screen will appear on your phone. Just press OK to deactivate Flash message service.

stop flash notification
flash notifications stop

That’s all. Your flash message service will be deactivated. You will get a deactivation message after some time.

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