How to Speed Up Nokia Lumia 610

If you have Nokia Lumia 610 then I think you must be get tired because of its speed. In  our last posts we had written about download Nokia Lumia ringtones,  Gmail for Nokia Lumia, and also we had discussed some common problems of Nokia Lumia. In this post, we will discuss about speed of Nokia Lumia 610.  As we know that RAM plays very important role in speed of any device/phone. The primary reason behind Nokia lumia 610’s  slow  speed is its RAM (Random Access momery). It has only 256 MB RAM that’s why it is too much slow. Usually, it takes 2-3 seconds to open an application. But if you have installed many apps in your Nokia Lumia 610 then it would take 10-30 seconds to open an app. I think now you will get an idea that why your Nokia Lumia 610 is very slow. Here, we have discussed some solution which may be helpful for you to get optimum speed from you Nokia Lumia 610.

Solution 1: Delete all temporary files, cookies from your phone’s browser. To do this just go to your phone’s browser then go to settings of your phone’s browser and click delete history.

Nokia Lumia

Note: Your browsing history will also be deleted when you will click on Delete history so bookmark any required page.

Solution 2: I am cocksure you will get better speed by this step. If you have installed many applications and games in your phone then due to its 256MB RAM  it will be getting more time to respond.So uninstall all unnecessary apps and games from your phone. Only keep those applications in your phone which you use delete all other apps. By doing this, you will get maximum speed from your Nokia Lumia 610.

Solution 3: Check your phone’s software version is upto date or not? Latest software version of Nokia Lumia 610 is 7.10.8862.144. To see your phone’s software version go to settings then About thereafter click on more information and then see your phone’s OS VERSION. If your phone is not up to date then Connect your phone with Zune to update it. You may read this post to Update your phone software “ How to update Nokia Lumia software?” Maintain at least 1.5 GB free Space in your Phone.

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