How to save Backup of Bookmarks in Google Chrome

It would be a great idea to save backup of bookmarks. If you have saved backup of bookmarks then you can restore it to another PC or you can restore it whenever you reinstall Google chrome. Moreover, you can import bookmarks to other browsers with the help of saved bookmark backup file. It is very easy to save backup of bookmarks in Google Chrome. The backup file will be of html format.

save backup of bookmarks


How to Save Backup of Bookmarks

Step 1: First of all, click on setting icon as shown in screenshot thereafter go to bookmarks.

backup bookmarks

Step 2: Now go to Bookmark Manager or Click Ctrl+Shift+O.

backup bookmarks in chrome

Step 3: Now click on organize then click on Export Bookmarks to HTML file. After that select location where you want to save your bookmark backup file and click Save.

backup bookmarks in chrome browser

How to restore Backup of Bookmarks

To restore backup of Bookmarks follow above two steps and in third step click on Import Bookmarks from HTML file. Then select Bookmark file from your drive to restore it.

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