How to Place Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Header

It is immensely important to place your ads on a proper place to optimize your blog earning. You can obtain highest CTR (Click Through Rate) by spotting your ads at such places where these attract visitors. Your ad placement should be according to your blog layout. However, there are some ideal places, those are best for almost all blogs. In today’s post, we will show you how to add Google Adsense ads or affiliate links below Blogger header without editing in your blogger template. You might have seen that most of bloggers show their ads below their blogs header which means, it is the most preferred spot for ad placement and ads at this position generates highest CTR.

There are enormous tutorial on web to place ads on different positions but most of them suggest to edit in your blog template. Indeed, they work well but newbies feel hesitation to edit in their templates. In this tutorial, you can find a simple way to display ads on your blog without editing in your blogger template.
Google adsense ads
Ad placement is strategic process in which you have to change your ad placement positions and 
sizes of your ads to get maximum revenue from your blog. You can display ads below
your blogger header by adding an html gadget. To do this you have to move your pages tab to your
blog’s sidebar. So let’s start the procedure to adding Google Adsense ad code/Affiliate link to below
blogger header:
Step 1: Firstly, Create an ad unit code on Google Adsense /Affiliate link site and copy that ad unit code.
Step 2: Go to your blogger Dashboard then go to Layout.

Step 3: If you have added pages tab to your blog then move that tab to your blog’s sidebar.(See screenshot)

Adsense under header

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Step 4: Now, Click on add a gadget and then add an html gadget.

Adsense ads under header

Step 5: Paste your Adsense ad unit code or affiliate link in that html gadget. Subsequently, Click on save.

show Adsense ads under header

Step 6: Save arrangement.

 Adsense blogger
You can see preview of your blog to see your ads. Sometimes, Ads take some time to display so in that case you should wait for some time.
Extra tip: Always monitor your ads performance and change sizes or positions of ads, those are not performing well on your blog. Your blog earning is totally depends upon your traffic so try to increase your blog traffic by writing unique content.
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