How to Make Categories in Blogger

It would be great if you have added categories in your blog. With the help of categories your visitors can read your other posts. Categorizing your blog posts is a strategic way to insist site visitors to read more related posts. You can add categories in your blog with the help of LABEL widget. You can find this widget in add a gadget menu. With this widget you can categorize your old blog posts and new blog posts.

  • First of all, Go to your Blogger Dashboard then Layout.
  • Click add a gadget thereafter add Label widget to your blog.
  • Change title as categories and select show number of posts per label.
  • Click save arrangement.

making categories in blogger
catergorize blogger posts

  • You have added Categories widget in your blog. Now its time to make categories for you blog posts. You can make as many as you want.
  • To add categories for old blog posts go to posts and click on edit. In edit section you can see Labels under Post settings. Click on Labels and enter category name for example I want to put this post in Blogging category then I will write Blogging in Labels. One more thing always insert comma (,) after every category. After adding category update your post.

blogger categories

  • Now go to next post and click edit. Repeat the same process again. This time if you want to put this post in Blogging category then do not type it. Just select it from list below as shown in screenshot or if you want to make a new category then enter your new category name.
  • Do this to all your posts and put them into existing categories or make new categories.
  • For new posts click on Labels and put them into existing categories or create new.
  • You can drag your Labels anywhere in your blog. To do this just go to Layout and drag Labels where you want.

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