How to Import Phone Contacts from Windows Live Account to Android Phone or Gmail

If you have recently changed your Windows phone with Android one and you want to transfer your old phone contacts to your new phone then read this post carefully. To export phone contacts to your new phone first of all you have to download .csv fileof contacts from Windows live account. Thereafter, you can export your contacts to Android Phone. Moreover, once you download contact file from your Windows live account then you may transfer it to your Gmail account. There are two methods to import contacts to an Android phone. First one is upload .csv file of contacts to your gmail account (which you have added in your android phone) and then your phone will automatically import these contacts to your phone because of synchronization option. Second one is transfer .csv contact file to gmail and then download Vcard of contacts from gmail. After that connect your phone to PC and transfer Vcard to phone’s SD card(memory card. I have listed both methods here. You can opt any of them to transfer your contacts. Before proceeding, you have to download .csv file of contacts from your Windows live account. Follow these steps to download .csv file of contacts:

First of all, Login to your Windows Live account (Which you have added in your windows phone). Subsequently Click on People tab as shown in screenshot.

import phone contacts

Note If you have not added any Windows Live account in your old windows phone then add a Windows Live account in your old phone. By doing this your phone will export your contacts to Windows Live account and then you can download them.

Now Click on Manage and then click on Export for and other services (See Screenshot). When you will click on Export for and other services then contact file of CSV format will be downloaded to your PC.

import phone contact


Second step will be Importing contacts to Gmail. Because our downloaded file will be .csv format therefore we will have to convert it into vcard to transfer it to our phone. So Login to your gmail account and then open Contacts. To open contacts click on Gmail at the top left corner (See Screenshot).

import contacts

Then, Click on Import and upload .csv file which you have downloaded from your Windows live account. After uploading file you can see that your contacts are showing in your gmail account. If you have added your gmail account in your android phone then just turn on Synchronization option in your phone. Make sure internet connection and synchronization option are ON in your phone. Your contacts will automatically show in your phone.

import contacts from hotmail

However, you want to transfer your contacts manually then click on Export option from gmail under contacts and download vcard format file on your computer ( See screenshot) and then transfer that file to your phone’s SD card (Memory card) with the help of data cable or Bluetooth.

import contacts from hotmail account

In third step, Open contacts in your phone and then open option menu of contacts. Select Import/Export from your phone. Then, Import from SD card and select Device. Your contacts will be imported in your phone.

import your contacts


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