How to Delete Photos/Videos From Facebook Account

Nowadays, Facebook becomes a part of our daily routine. We use Facebook daily whether for a minute but we use it daily to get updates from our friends and family. Also, we use Facebook to share photos, videos and to chat with our friends. But sometimes we want to remove photos or videos from our Facebook account for any specific reason. Sometimes, any of our friend tag us photo that we won’t like then we can delete that photo from our account or sometimes, we uploaded any photo or video to our account mistakenly then we can also delete that photo or video from our account. we can also remove our older photos from Facebook account. If you want to remove photos or videos from your Facebook account then read this post carefully and follow given instructions to remove photos or videos. So now read the process of removing photos and videos here.

Steps To Delete Photos/Videos From Facebook Account

STEP 1: First of all Login to your Facebook account and go to your Profile.

STEP 2: In your profile click on Photos from the Tab as shown in screenshot below.

delete facebook photos and videos

STEP 3: When you will click Photos from the tab then a page will show you your pictures. First of all, go to picture that you want to delete. Then move your mouse cursor on photo/image that you want to delete as shown in screenshot.

delete fb photos and videos

Now click on Edit and then click on  Delete this Photo. Confirm your delete.

delete facebook all photos

STEP 4:-  If you want to delete any tagged photo then Select Photo of you from the tab and then move your mouse cursor to the image/photo that you want to remove as shown in screenshot.

delete all facebook photos

Now Select your choice for example if you want to remove that photo from Facebook then tick on I want this photo remove from Facebook otherwise, if you just want to untag/remove that photo from your profile then tick I want to untag myself and remove tag.

facebook photos

Now you have all done.Repeat these steps if you want to remove more photos.

To remove Videos from Facebook account the process is same just go to video that you want to remove and follow the same steps.

If you want to remove Full album then select Albums from the tab and go to settings icon of album at the right corner of the album and click on it.

facebook photos delete

After that click on delete album and confirm again to delete album.Your album will deleted form your Facebook account.

deleting facebook photos

Still have any doubt then feel free and ask in comment box. We will get you soon.

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