How to Delete All Photos on Facebook

Now a days, Facebook becomes our daily life activity. We use Facebook daily to see updates from our friends, relatives etc. If you have many friends on Facebook then obviously you have lots of photos in Photos of you. If you have unnecessary photos in your tagged photos or you want to delete tagged photos from your Facebook profile then you can delete that photos by going to Photos of you category under Photos tab. But in Photos of you category you can delete one tagged photo at a time. It becomes very annoying if you have to delete many tagged photos. But do not desperate there is another option available on Facebook to delete multiple tagged photos at a time. You can find that option in Activity Log. So now to delete multiple photos at a time from your Facebook profile follow these steps:

STEP 1: First of all, Log in to your Facebook account and then go to Your Profile as shown in screenshot.

Delete Facebook Photos

STEP 2: Now click on View Activity Log.

delete fb photos

STEP 3: Under Activity Log, click on Photos and then click on Photos of you. When you will click on Photos of you thereafter you can see your tagged photos.

delete facebook photos

STEP 4: Now you can see tagged photos. Select photos from the list to delete as shown in image.

delete facebook images

Note: You can delete 10 photos at a time. So delete 10 photos and repeat the same to delete more photos.

STEP 5: After selection of  photos click on Report/Remove Tags  . Thereafter, select your choice for example if you just want to untag yourself then click on I want the photo untagged or if you want to remove the photos from FB then click on I want the photo untagged and taken down after that click on untag photo as shown in screenshot.

remove facebook images

If you want to remove more photos then repeat the same process.

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