How to Create a Username on Facebook Account or Facebook Page

These days everyone is using Facebook. Many people are addicted of it, specially youngsters use Facebook to chat with friends, share videos, photos with family, to make new friends. Millions are using Facebook and if we are trying to search a friend on Facebook then many people appear on list with same name that’s why  its very difficult to search an old friend on Facebook. If someone has a customized user name then it becomes very easy to find out that person with his user name. If you have a customized user name then you can give it to someone whom you want to add in your Facebook account. To create your user name just follow these simple steps:

Note: Choose your user name very carefully because once it created then it cannot be changed.

Facebook username

STEP 1: First of all, Login to your Facebook account and go to Settings.

craete facebook username
STEP 2: Now in User Name click on Edit.

create username on facebook

A page will appear to verify your account through mobile number if you had added your mobile number already on Facebook then this page will not appear. If you did not add your phone number on your FB Account then just click on Verify via mobile number and enter your mobile number to receive text message on your phone. After that wait for a moment to receive verification code. When you will receive verification code just enter that code and click verify(See step 3).

set username on facebook

STEP 3: To verify your mobile number click on Verify via mobile number then enter your password and click on Submit.

set up username on facebook

Thereafter enter your phone number. After entering your phone number, click on Continue.

set up facebook username

Now wait to receive a confirmation code on your phone number. When you will get a confirmation code then enter that code and click on confirm. Now you have verified your number to set a user name for your FB profile proceed to next step
set facebook username

STEP 4: In next step, a page will appear now enter your desired user name for your Facebook account. Page will automatically tell you that user name is available or not if user name is not available then enter other user name or add some more character to your user name to get availability, in case if your user name is available then enter your password to save changes.

All done, Now you have created your Facebook user name.

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