How to create a Free Blog

Blogging is all about sharing your experiences and knowledge. Some people use Blogs to promote their business and some other use Blogs to share their thoughts and experiences. Anyone can start a free blog or self hosted blog. Millions of people are sharing their knowledge with The World by blogging so if you have distinctive knowledge in any particular field then Blogging is an exquisite place to share your knowledge with this world. You may start an informal or conversational blog.

Create Free Blog

Blog is a short form of weblog. There are two ways to start a blog. First one, Go to a free blogging site (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc) and create a free blog. Second one, Go to self hosted blogging site and create a self hosted blog( WordPress etc). Blogger does not provide self hosted blogs. In self hosted blogs you have to pay monthly or yearly charges for blogging (starts from $50 dollars/yr approx.).

If you are a newbie then it is obvious that you want to start with a free blog. Most of newbie start with free blogs and after gaining some experience from free blogs they shift to self hosted blogs. I would like to tell you that self hosted blogs are better than free hosted blogs. Because in self hosted blogs you have full control on your blog but in free hosted blogs you have little bit control and your free hosting provider may suspend your blog any time if they find any policy violation. To my mind, if you can afford self hosted blog cost then you must start with self hosted blog. Otherwise, to create a free blog read this post carefully.

As I mentioned that there are many free blogging platforms available on internet (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc) and all are best. Therefore, it’s totally up to you which one you want to opt. I started my blog with Blogger. I had chosen blogger because it is very handy to use. Moreover, when you start a free blog on blogger then you can avail Adsense service. If you do not know about Adsense then I want to tell you that with the help of Adsense  program you may earn some money from your blog by showing Google ads on your blog.

Benefits of starting a blog on Blogger:

  • Easy to use.
  • You can apply for Adsense Program.
  • You can register your own domain name for example;
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited page views, up to 3 GB free space and may be extended by adding Google+ account etc.
  • You can create up to 100 different blogs on a single account.

So, to start a free blog on Blogger platform follow these steps:

Step 1: To start a free blog on blogger platform go to Google Homepage and click on Blogger as shown in screenshot:
create blog

You may directly go to Blogger homepage by typing in your browser’s address bar.
Step 2: Now enter your Google account (gmail account) and password to Login . In case you do not have an account then create a new one by clicking on Create an account.

Step 3: After logging in Click on New Blog.

create free blog

Step 4:-  When you will click on New blog then a page will appear on your computer screen. This page will have three sections; title, address and template.

  • Title:- In this column you have to give a title to your blog. So to complete this column give a suitable title to your blog. Make sure your blog title is relevant to your blog.
  • Address:- In this column enter an address for your blog and check availability. If blog address is available then proceed to next step. Otherwise, enter some different keywords to check availability. Like blog title your blog address should be relevant to your blog.
  • Template:- Templates are themes. So select a theme/template for your blog. You can select any of them. I have selected picture window template.

create free website

Note: Anytime you can change title, address and template of your blog.

Step 5: Congratulations! You have created a blog. You can see it on your blogger homepage. Write posts and publish them on your blog. To write a new post on your blog open drop down menu of your blog as in screenshot and click on posts.

create a free blog

Step 6: Now, click on New Post to write a fresh post on your blog.

create a free website
Step 7: Give a title to your blog post and write about it in post body. When you complete your post preview it by clicking on Preview Button. After watching preview of blog post click on Publish Button to publish it on your blog.
free blog

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