How to create a customized 404 Page Not Found Error Message

404 Error is an error message that shows “page not found” or “File not found”. Generally, it shows that page/file has been removed or updated. This error appears when we update or delete any page from our site/blog. Although, we delete any page or article from our sit/blog but it still appears on search engine results and whenever,anyone click on deleted page link they see “404 page not found error”. We often see this type of error on many sites/blogs. This is very common error and it is not possible to eliminate 404 error completely. But we can remove deleted page URLs from search results to reduce 404 error messages on our site to know more about this read this post “How to remove 404 Page Not Found Errors  from blogger?” It would be great if we enter our own customized 404 error page that looks attractive instead of common 404 error page. Customized 404 error page is very beneficial for your site/blog because with the help of customized error page you can add elegant color image that lure the visitors to see your site. Moreover, you can post your homepage link in your customized 404 error page to urge visitors to see your site to find their query. I would like to tell you if you are newbie that 404 error message does not related to any server error. Simply, it shows that page is not available on you site/blog.

404 error

For visitors, it is really very annoying when they see 404 error message whether you have added customized 404 error page or not. But with the help of customized error page we can decrease their frustration at some extent. Also, as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) view it is not good for any site or blog having too much 404 error pages. If your site has too much 404 error pages then it would be possible that search engines may ignore your site. If this happens then you may lose your daily page views at large extent which is very hurtful for any blogger.

If you are familiar with html, java coding then you can easily create a 404 error page for your site but if you are not then don’t worry, we will tell you a simple way to create a fascinate 404 error page for your blog/site.

Step 1: First of all, you need an image which you want to show on your customized error page. You can create your own image with the help of adobe photo shop or any other software. You can also download image from internet. There are lots of 404 error images are available on internet but do not use any copyright image. You can also find 404 error images on, You can find free to use images or paid images on this site.

Step 2: After opting image for your 404 error page go to you blogger dashboard and click on new post as usual you do to write new post. Now insert image which you want to show on your error page and write error message. You can write anything like; sorry page has been removed from our directory, the page you are looking for has been removed or updated, Page no longer available on our directory, Oops! page has been removed etc. It would be better to write an apology line followed by first line like; we are sorry for the trouble, we are sorry for it etc. In the end you may request to visitors to see your homepage. Don’t forget to enter link of your homepage.

add 404 error message

Step 3: After that click on HTML and copy the code.

404 error message

Step 4: Now go to blogger dashboard and click on Settings thereafter click on Search preferences. On search preferences page click on Custom Page Not Found? under Errors and redirections. Paste copied HTML code in Custom Page Not Found? And save changes.

adding 404 error message

Now you have done. Your customized 404 page has been created and placed on your blog.


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