How to change Email Address on Facebook

You can change your current email id on Facebook. To do this first of all, you have to add a new email address on Facebook because without an email address you cannot use Facebook. So first of all, to delete your email address on Facebook, you need a new email address to add on Facebook if you already have an email address then follow information discussed below otherwise create a new email id before proceeding. I would like to tell you if you are going to change your email id on Facebook just because of email notification then please read this post “How to stop Email notifications from Facebook before changing email address. I am telling you this because it would be convenient to use only one email address on Facebook. So to change your Email Address on Facebook just follow these simple steps to do this:

STEP 1:  Login to your Facebook account and click on SETTINGS and go to ACCOUNT settings as shown in image below:

facebook email address

STEP 2: After that click on EDIT front of Email

change facebook email address

STEP 3: When you will click on Edit then a page will appear that showing your email information. In that page click on add another email

add facebook email address
STEP 4: Click on  add another email and enter new email address you want to add after that fill your password and click on SAVE CHANGES. Now Facebook send you an email for verification of new email address at your new email id.

change facebook email

STEP 5: After Verifying your new email address go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS again and select your PRIMARY EMAIL address from the list and SAVE changes by filling your password and now you have done. your primary email address will have been changed.

STEP 6:  If you want to remove your previous email from Facebook just click on remove button and fill password to save changes.

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