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In today’s post we will show a simple way to add internal blog links (links to other posts) or external sites links (links to others sites) in a blog post. Adding other posts links in a blog post is a strategic way to insist visitors to read your other blog posts. You may refer your visitors to other sites for any significant reason by adding links of others sites in your posts. In Blogger you can add other sites links or your own sites links in your blog posts with the help of LINK BUTTON. So to add a link in your blog post follow these steps listed below:-

Step 1:- First of all, copy a site’s link whose link you want to put in your blog post. If you want to insert other posts links from your own blog then copy that blog post link from your blog. To copy your own blog post link just go to edit section of that blog post and click on Permalink then just copy that link (See screenshot).
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Step 2:- After copying a blog post link go back and start a new post. Highlight the text you would like to convert in a link. You may write any words to show your link. Let’s take an example; I have an another post which might be helpful for you so to show that post link I have used the title of that post to show you link of that post.

Step 3:- Click on link button (See screenshot in step 4).
Step 4:- When you will click on link button a pop up window will appear on your computer screen. Paste the copied URL link in WEB ADDRESS and click OK. You may test your link by clicking on TEST THIS LINK.
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Sometimes, link button does not appear in post editing menu due to some reason. In that case you can put link by hand to do this follow these instructions:-

Steps to add a link by hand:-

Step 1:- First of all, copy below link.
<a href=”http://PasteURLhere”>Enter TEXT here</a>

Step 2:- Paste the link of site and enter you text in the place of URL and TEXT. After editing in code copy all the texts.

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Step 3:- From post writing menu, click on HTML instead of Compose. Paste the copied texts in html section and click on Compose. Your link would show up as blue text in your blog.
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