How to add a Custom Blogger Header Image

Blogger is a very fascinate place for newbie bloggers. Most of bloggers start their blogging journey with Google Blogger because it is free and very handy to use. Blogger has certain limitations like  we have only few themes and widgets on our  blogger blog. But we get a privilege with our free blogger account that is Google Adsense which vanish all its limitations complaints.

If you do not like your Blogger theme design then you can make changes in your existing blogger theme to make it look better for example you can change its header, background image, favicon etc. Moreover, you can buy a theme for your blogger blog. It is very easy to change blogger header. By default, Blogger has a header which includes your blog title and description. But if you want to change your blog header image then you can do it very easily. In today’s post we will show you a step by step procedure to add/change blogger header image.

Advice:-Kindly save backup of your blog because you can restore your blog theme/template if you make anything wrong in your blogger template. To save backup of a blog follow these steps listed below:-
·         Blogger Dashboardà TemplateàBackup/Restore ( you can find this option at the top left corner)àDownload Full Template.

Steps to change blogger header image:-

Step 1:- First of all, select an image which you want to put on your blogger header. In the screenshot, I have created an image for header whose size is 1040*150 pixels. You can change the size of your header image as want.
 blogger custom header
Step 2 :- After creating an image for header login to your blogger account. From blogger dashboard click on Layout and then click on EDIT as shown in screenshot.
 create blogger custom header
Step 3:- Firstly enter your blog title in BLOG TITLE column then write your blog description. After that, click on CHOOSE FILE and upload your header image from your computer. Under placement option you have to select any option from the given three options:-
  • Behind Title and Description:- In this option your blog title and description will come up on your blog header image.
  • Instead of Title and description:- In this option your Blog header image will come up and your blog title and description will conceal under your blog header image.
  • Have a description placed after the image:- In this option your description will come up on your blog header image.
 add blogger custom header
I have selected “Instead of Title and description in screenshot” you can opt any of them. After selecting all options click on save and see preview of your blog. If your blog header image gets fit into your blog then click on save arrangement. In case, your header image is not fit into your header (for more clarification see below screenshot) then Follow these instructions.
In below screenshot you can see that from “MAAPS” S is missing so to show all texts of header image we will do following changes in our blog template.
adding blogger custom header

Steps to change template size:- 

Step 1:-Before existing from Layout menu click on Save arrangement and go to template

 customize blogger header

Step 2:-From Template click on Customise.

 customize blogger header image
Step 3:-Click on Adjust widths and change your blog size as shown in screenshot. When you think that your header image is fit into your blog then click on apply to blog to save your changes.
blogger header image
Congratulations! You have successfully changed your blogger header image.
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