Step-by-step guide on Hindi Font Download for Windows 10

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Are you looking for stylish fonts for Hindi typing practice? Then today I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on Hindi font download for Windows 10. For that purpose, you don’t need to pay anything. At the top, I’ll be listing genuine, legitimate and safe ways of installing Hindi fonts.

Windows 10 is a latest product of Microsoft that subjects to a frequent updates. Earlier Windows 10 single language users were unable to add Hindi language to their devices. But now users can use new Windows 10 settings for Hindi font download.

Once you do that you’ll be able to type in Hindi. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to install Hindi font in Windows 10 for Hindi typing. You can also install different types of fonts for example Kruti Dev font, Devanagari font and other stylish Hindi fonts online for free.

Furthermore, you can install other languages fonts for example Sanskrit font, Punjabi fonts, Marathi fonts, Hindi calligraphy online or other by following the same steps.

I want to let you know that you don’t need to install Hindi typing software because you can do Hindi typing in any word document. You can install normal font and Devanagari Hindi font by using Windows 10 language pack.

Currently Windows 10 provides you language pack for all major languages including Hindi and if you’re lucky then you can also install your local language pack too. This is a very simple process.

Windows 10 users can install multiple languages into their PC by repeating the same procedure. So, let’s get started. Read on to know step-by-step procedure on Hindi font download for Windows 10.

I’m going to discuss three ways for Hindi font download for Windows 10 and those are:

  • By installing Windows 10 free fonts
  • By adding new language to Windows PC
  • Using Google Hindi Font (recommended if you’re looking for stylish Hindi fonts online)

Note: You can install any language’s fonts by following the steps given in this tutorial.

Hindi Font Download for Windows 10

Way 1: By installing Windows free fonts

Windows free fonts

Access settings section of your machine, you can press Win+I.

Once Windows settings menu opens, click on Personalisation.

Note: You can also type ‘Fonts’ in the available Windows search box and then select ‘Fonts preview and related settings’ from search results.

Next from the sidebar, select Fonts.

Now click on Download fonts for all languages and press OK button.

This will install all languages fonts including Hindi fonts to your computer. Make sure you’ve adequate internet data and space into computer. Don’t use metered connection for this purpose.

After successful installation, Aparajita, Kokila, Mangal, Nirmala UI, Sanskrit Text, and Utsaah Hindi fonts will be available for you.

Way 2: Hindi font download for Windows 10 by adding Hindi language

If your computer runs on a single language say English then you can install another language, in this case Hindi, to your computer. This process will also install Hindi fonts to your computer that you can use for Hindi typing. For Hindi font download for Windows 10, follow the steps given below:

First of all, press Win+I keys or go to your control panel by clicking on settings gear icon that you can find under Windows menu section.

Click on ‘Time & language’.

In the next step, select ‘Region & language’ tab from the left sidebar and then click on ‘+’ icon next to ‘Add a language’.

On the next page, you’ll be able to see available language packs. Simply scroll down and look for Hindi language pack. Once you find that, click on Hindi to install the language pack.

Now click on ‘Options’ or on notification showing in the bottom right.

Click on ‘Download’ to install Hindi Speech and then click on ‘+’ icon next to ‘Add a keyboard’ and add Hindi (India) – Devanagari – Inscript type keyboard.

After installing Hindi language pack, restart your Windows PC/laptop to ensure language pack including Hindi fonts works properly.

That’s it. You’ve successfully downloaded Hindi fonts for Windows 10.

windows 10 Hindi language

Now whenever you wish to type in Hindi, click on available input languages and select preferred Hindi Keyboard. Thereafter, open a word document and select ‘Aparajita’ or other Hindi fonts then start typing.

Note: You can switch to any language pack at anytime by clicking on the available language packs. You’ve more stylish Hindi fonts in your fonts section; you’ll need to find them.

Ways 3: Hindi font download using Google Fonts

If you’re looking for specific type of Hindi font styles for example Mangal font, Devanagari font, or Kruti Dev font, or Hindi calligraphy online style then you can download them from Google Fonts library. You can find many fonts including Google Docs Hindi font with ‘Open Font License’ on this platform that you can use for Hindi typing practice or other purposes.

Hindi font download using Google Fonts

Click here to land on Google Fonts page. From the homepage, select Devanagari under language section for Hindi font download for Windows 10. (See screenshot above)

Then you will see all downloadable stylish Hindi fonts. Just hover your mouse over a font that you want to try and click on See Specimen.

click select this font

Click on Select this font.

At bottom right corner, you will find a minimized window titled with Family Selected, just click on it to maximize it.

click download

Click on download icon for Hindi font download for Windows 10. Next choose a location to save your font.

Go to location where you have saved your file. Then select that ZIP file and right click then click on Extract all.

Google Hindi font

Now open extracted file folder and then highlight all ‘TrueType font file’ extensions. Then right click and click on Install selected fonts.

That’s it. Your downloaded Google Hindi font will be installed to your computer.

By following the same steps, you can install more stylish fonts from Google Fonts library.

Note: You’re free to use fonts with ‘Open Font License’ but if you find some other license type then first read designer’s terms and conditions to use the fonts.

Above instructions will help in Hindi font download for Windows 10 PC. You can use these Hindi Fonts for MS Word or typing in other software.

Above were some free ways to get Hindi font for Windows 10. However, you can find many other sources where you can find paid or free versions of famous fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add Hindi font in Excel?

After installing the fonts by following any of the above discussed methods, you will be able to type those fonts in Excel or any other application.

How do I install a font?

Follow these steps to install a font:

  • If you have a ZIP file of the language then first extract it by right clicking and choosing Extract option.
  • Then, open extracted folder and highlight file with TrueType font file extension.
  • Then right click and from the options choose Install.

How can I install Hindi language in Windows 10?

Windows users can install other language packs into their machines by accessing Add a language settings. Kindly read Way 2 discussed above to install a language pack into laptop.

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