Fix 404 Page Not Found Crawl Errors From A Blog/Site

It is very frustrating for visitors whenever they see 404 Page not found error.It may be possible that visitors reluctant to visit your site again just because of unwanted 404 page not found errors on your site.All bloggers want enough traffic on their blog and believe me if your blog has many 404 errors pages than it would be hard for you to get enough traffic because sites or blogs  having too much 404 page not found errors mostly ignored by visitors as well as search engines.For site/blogs it is hard to completely remove 404 errors because bloggers often update/delete their posts urls which leads to 404 errors messages but it would be great to add a customized 404 Error page on our site to read this post “how to create a customized 404 page not found error message?”Mostly, newbies do this type of mistakes that they often change their posts title to get traffic on their blog but they don’t know that this think also change the URLs of their posts.

404 error
First of all,You should know that why 404 error produces –
We often delete posts or pages from our site or blog. Although, we delete posts or pages from our site/blog but these pages still appear on search engines and whenever anyone click on that page links they see 404 page not found error which means page is not available.This error also appear whenever you change your post title because url address also changes with new post title.But previous post url does not delete with new post title that means previous post url still appears on search results which shows 404 page not found error.

Now,we know that why 404 error appears.It is time to solve this problem as i discussed above we cannot remove these errors completely from our site but we can reduce these errors with the help of a powerful tool known as Google Webmaster.With the help of this tool we can remove urls of our site which are no longer exist.To do this you have to add your site to Google webmaster.
Step 1:-Go to Google Webmaster by searching it on Google search and sign in with your Google account.You should sign in with account which you use for blogger then Google Webmaster will automatically add your blog.If you are using customized domain name on your blog then to add it on Google Webmaster click on add a site icon showing on Webmaster tools homepage and enter url of your custom domain.

Step 2:-After adding your site on Google Webmaster Tool click on your site from Google Webmaster. Thereafter, Click on Crawl from the sidebar then click Crawl errors.Now you can see errors on your site with their response code.Note:- Please save Backup of your blog and do not delete any url if your are not sure that should you delete that or not?Step 3:-Opt url from the list which you want to remove from search results and click on it.A pop up window will show you detail about that url error.Now,on the top of pop up window page you can see url of page,just right click on that url.Copy link address and click Cancel.

Step 4:- Again from the sidebar click on Google Index then click on Remove URLs.Thereafter, click on Create a removal request and paste the copied url. Next click on Continue and after that submit request.Your url removal request will have been placed on webmaster.You can repeat the same process for more url removals.

Warning:- We are not responsible for any type of damage or data loose. 

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