Expiry date and CVV number of SBI Maestro Debit Card

State bank of India (SBI) provides a variety of cards to its customers e.g.- Master card, Visa card, and Maestro card etc. Usually, all master cards and visa cards have expiry dates and CVV numbers printed on them. You can find Valid from to Valid through dates on these cards; and you can also find CVV number on the back side of your debit card (it is a three digit number appearing in signature panel where you have signed) click to read “How to find CVV Number on Credit/Debit Card?” If you are a maestro debit card holder then you can readily find valid from date on your card but you cannot find expiry date on it; because old SBI maestro cards do not have expiry dates and CVV numbers printed on them.

You can still do online shopping with maestro cards; just leave ‘valid from’ and ‘valid to’ dates columns blank while entering debit card information for e-transactions. To do so, all you have to do just register your maestro debit card on Verify by Visa; which is mandatory to perform online transactions. When you will register on Verify by Visa then they will provide you a password for online transactions. On the contrary, if you want to register your SBI Maestro Debit Card on Paypal then you have to provide expiry date and CVV number to them.

As I discussed above, old maestro debit cards do not come with such credentials; therefore, you cannot register your maestro debit card to your Paypal account. I have seen that some people are saying that add 5 years and 7-8 months in your maestro debit card ‘valid from’ date to get expiry date; and CVV number is your debit card’s last three digits. I would like to tell you that I had tried but it did not work for me. However, you can use your maestro debit card mostly on all sites for online shopping, payment, ticket booking etc. If you still willing to get a card having expiry date and CVV number then I have a solution for you.

SBI maestro card

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for informational purpose only. Card once blocked cannot be unblocked.

Step 1: If you want an SBI Debit Card with expiry date and CVV number then you have to change you Maestro Debit Card with Master card or Visa card. To get Master or Visa card, first of all, you have to block your existing Maestro Debit Card .To block your maestro debit card call State bank of India (SBI) toll free customer service number 1800-11-0011 or you can also do so with SBI internet banking service.

Note: You can also apply for another debit card without blocking existing debit card. If you still have any doubt then before blocking your existing debit card, call SBI toll free customer care number 1800-11-0011 for further clarification.

Step 2: After blocking a debit card or if you want another debit card, without blocking existing debit card, go to your SBI respective bank branch where you have opened your account. Request a new debit card; make sure to apply for Master Card or Visa Card. If you use internet banking of SBI then you can apply for a new debit card through internet baking of State Bank of India.

Note: You will be charged for new debit card.

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Note: I am just sharing my personnel experience here; because I was also trying to register my Maestro Debit card on Paypal. When I could not find any helpful information, then I sent an email to SBI customer care. When they replied to me then I got to know about all the procedure. For more clarification, you may also contact to SBI customer service department.

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