Do i need Hosting plan with custom domain name for Blogger ?

Google Blogger is a great platform for new bloggers because it is free and anyone can use it. Often, newbies start blogging to earn money by Adsense or affiliate programs. Later on they realize that they should use custom domain for their blog. But most of newbies do not buy custom domain name for their blogger account because they think that they have to buy a hosting plan with domain name which becomes very expensive for newbies.

You can readily buy a custom domain name from any web hosting provider. To get .com domain, you have to spend $10 to $12/yr ( 600-700 Indian rupees/yr ) and hosting plans are available at the rate of $20-$40/yr (approximately). But if your blog is on blogger platform then you do not need to buy any type of hosting plan because Blogger is a platform that provides free hosting for and custom domain name like with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. So for your kind information you do not need any type of hosting plan for blogger if you want to buy custom domain for your blogger account.Blogger has certain limits for instance you get 3GB space for a blog. But it increases when you add Google plus on your blog.

Custom domain

You can buy your custom domain name from any web hosting provider but before buying domain from web hosting providers search little bit about them, I mean to say that read some reviews of their services for example what type of service they are providing? How much time they take to respond when you approach them for help? Do they provide 24 hours service? and the like. This will help you to find out best registrar for domain registration.

Question: Do i need Hosting plan with custom domain name for Blogger?

Answer: No, you don’t need to buy hosting plan with custom domain name for blogger.

How to buy a custom domain for Blogger?

To buy a custom domain for your blog just go to the registrar’s site from whom you want to buy your domain. Then, find domain name on registrar’s site which you want to buy. If domain name is available then buy it and redirect it on your blogger account. You can buy your domain name from Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, iPage etc.

Tip: Never use your own name for your domain.

I would like to tell you that why should you buy a custom domain for your blog?

  • Email address: When you will buy a custom domain then you will also get one or two free email accounts. That’s really very great because your can create you own choice email address for example let us suppose you bought domain then you can create an email account with this domain from your registrar’s control panel like or etc. You can place this email address on your blog for your visitors to contact you.
  • Your Blog looks Professional: Blog having custom domain often looks professional and also shows that you are a serious blogger. Visitors give importance to your posts if you have a custom domain.
  • Custom domains are available at the rate of $10-12$/yr. This is not too much cost for a domain.

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