How to Create Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet Account – Buy Bitcoin Part 1

In my recent post, I’ve shown you how to buy bitcoin from Unocoin Bitcoin Exchange; one of the best bitcoin exchanges in India. Today, I’m going to show you how to create and verify bitcoin wallet account on Zebpay. Actually I’m going to write two posts on Zebpay, in the first one, I’ll show you how to create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account, and in the second one, I’ll be showing you how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay. So this post is going to be part 1 in which we will create a bitcoin wallet account and later on we’ll verify that account.

Before starting, I’d like to enhance your bitcoin knowledge, especially if you’re new to bitcoins. You should know bitcoin’s future is still uncertain therefore invest in it intelligently.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum etc, exist in online marketplace but bitcoin gathered more acclaim among them. It’s a very famous type of cryptocurrency and as per current market situation, bitcoin have large potential to give you higher returns (but don’t avoid risks associated with them). Bitcoins are gradually becoming famous in India but Indian investors are hesitating to invest in bitcoin because of its uncertain future.

Bitcoin price was touching the sky, one bitcoin cost was almost $5000 but recently China closed its Bitcoin Exchanges and Bitcoin price fell down drastically, $5K to 3K. Many bitcoin investors faced a set back but for new investors who want to invest in bitcoins for long time it’s a good opportunity. Though the best way to invest in bitcoin is bitcoin mining, which requires skills and more investment, but if you’re a small or medium investor then many bitcoin exchanges are providing you the opportunity to invest in bitcoin. Unocoin, Zebpay, and LocalBitcoins are some renowned bitcoin exchanges in India to buy and sell bitcoin.

Now you’re ready to proceed! Read on to know how to create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account on Zebpay. Then don’t forget to read how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay.

To create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account, you should have:

  • a valid mobile number,
  • a valid email address,
  • scanned copy of your PAN card in JPEG or PNG format,
  • Bank account details,
  • and permanent address details.

How to Create and Verify Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet Account Online –


zebpay create account

Zebpay does not have website to buy and sell bitcoins therefore you’ll need to install Zebpay app into your phone to buy and sell bitcoin. So open your phone’s app store like Google Playstore and install Zebpay app. Install Zepay app & sign up using this link to get free bitcoin worth Rs. 100.

Once you install the app, open Zebpay app and enter your valid mobile number in the given box and tap on “accept and continue.”

create zebpay bitcoin account

In the next step, you’ll receive one time password on your mobile number. Simply enter the OTP in the box and hit verify button.

Next tap on “setup account PIN.”

create zebpay bitcoin account online

Enter a 4-digit PIN for your Zebpay bitoin wallet and remember it.

Next confirm your PIN.

create zebpay bitcoin wallet

Now enter a valid email address (you’ll need to verify) and other details and hit verify button.

Thereafter, get access to your email inbox and look for verification email from Zebpay. Once you find that open it and tap/click on “Click here to verify your email” link. You’ll be able to read “email verification successful” once you click on the link.

Note: You may need to tap on verify button again.

Now create zebpay bitcoin

Read the screen instructions and then tap on “Verify Now.”

In the next step, you’ll be asked to upload your PAN card. Just tap on “gallery” if you’ve an image of your PAN card there or tap on “camera” to take a picture of your PAN card.

Then enter your name, as on PAN card; PAN card number; DOB; gender. Subsequently tap on “next.”

verify zebpay bitcoin wallet

Enter your bank account details and tap on next.

In the next step, you’ll need to enter your address details. Once you done that simply hit submit button.

That’s it. Now you’ve done everything from your side to create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account. Zebpay team will verify your account details and once they done that they’ll inform you through an SMS or email. Usually Zebpay bitcoin wallet verification process takes 2-3 three working days so be patient.

Once your Zebpay bitcoin account gets verified then read part 2 to know how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay.

I recommend you to create Unocoin bitcoin wallet account also. Here is a link to know how to create Unocoin bitcoin account.

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