How to Create Flipkart Account and Do Online Shopping

create flipkart account

New to online shopping? Want to shop online using Filpkart app? But don’t know how to create Flipkart account and do online shopping? Then fret not. In this post, I will walk you through the entire process in very simple way. For your convenience, I’ve added a video too.

Flipkart is one of the largest online shopping stores in India and probably the first successful startup that grabbed everyone’s attention. Like Amazon, initially Flipkart online shopping store also focused on books sales and with time it became an online shopping store. Now, everyone who shops online is well aware of this name.

Flipkart Big Billion Day sale is very famous in India in which people get huge discount on top brands. If you’ve not shopped on Flipkart before then in this tutorial I’ll show you how to create Flipkart account and order in Flipkart online shopping app.

You can buy products on EMI, choose cash on delivery option or make online payment using your credit card or ATM card.

What are you going to read:

  • How to create Flipkart account?
  • How to order in Flipkart?

It is very easy to buy a product on Flipkart. After creating Flipkart account, you can buy anything like mobile, clothes, footwear, books, health care products on Flipkart. To buy a product, all you have to do is just pick or find a product that you want to buy from Flipkart online store and then choose a payment method like online payment or cash on delivery. Flipkart cash on delivery facility lets you make payment at the time of delivery of the product.

Though, India is becoming digital but still some people hesitate to use online payment facilities due to the lack of awareness and to safeguard themselves against fraudulent activities.

There is no harm in making online payments, just you need to follow the safety measures carefully. Okay. Let me show you how to create Flipkart account and do online shopping.

How to create Flipkart account?

Watch video on how to create Flipkart account and do online shopping in Hindi:

Complete tutorial: Registration and order

Above video will help you create Flipkart account and shop using Flipkart app. However, you can follow written instructions, if you would like to.

create flipkart account

1. First of all, open your phone’s app store like App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store and search and install official Flipkart Online Shopping app.

Click here to install official Flipkart app

After installing the app, we will need to create Flipkart account. Follow the steps given below to create Flipkart account.

2. Open Flipkart app and tap on three parallel lines or menu button appearing on the tap left corner.

3. Now, tap on My Account.

Order in Flipkart

4. Tap on ‘New to Flipkart! Sign Up‘.

5. On the next page, enter your mobile number and tap on Sign Up.

6. Now you will get a one time password on your mobile number. If you have given permissions to the app to view and read your messages then it will automatically detect the OTP message. Otherwise, you’ll have to tap on “Enter Code Manually” to enter the OTP message.

7. Next enter a password for your Flipkart account and tap on Done.

Ta Da! We’ve successfully created Flipkart account. Now, we’re ready to buy a product on Flipkart.

How to order in Flipkart cash on delivery or pay online

After creating Flipkart account, our next task is to actually buy something and place our first order on Flipkart.

Important: If you want to buy a product from Flipkart on EMI then you should have a credit card. If you don’t have a credit then Flipkart also offers products on EMI to customers those have Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. Also, some select debit card also eligible for EMI. Read on to know more.

find product

1. To buy something on Flipkart, on the app’s homepage, you have different options to search a product. Few are mentioned below:

  • At the top you have menu button (three parallel lines), you can tap on that to select a category.
  • After menu button, you have search box to search a product, if you’re looking for a specific product then you can search it directly using the search box.
  • Underneath search box, you can see categories to choose from, you can pick a category to see products related to that category; on the rest of the page, you can see Flipkart recommendations and best selling products.

2.Just use an option to search a product that you want to buy. I’m going to tap on Menu button to find a product. After tapping on Menu button, I got different categories like Electronics, TVs & Appliances, Fashion and the like.

I want to buy a denim so this product fall under Fashion category, so I’m going to tap on Fashion.

3. After tapping on Fashion, in Flipkart shopping app, I have further categories such Men, Women, Kids & Baby, and the like. Here, I want to buy a men’s denim so I’m going to tap on Men. Under Men, I have to tap on an option so I’m going to tap on Clothing (see screenshot 6).

4. Thereafter, I can see clothing categories. I’m going to tap on Denim. Next, you can choose a specific type of denim or you can simply tap on “view all” to see all types of denims.

5. Now, I have list of denims, I can pick anyone to buy. Note: You can tap on Filter to make your list more specific. Under Filter, you have many options like size, color, price, type, brand etc to search a specific product.

Like I have searched a product, you also have to follow the same steps to search what you want to buy. Once you find a product on Flipkart, tap on that product.

7. Now select size that you want to buy. Then tap on enter PIN code or change and enter your areas PIN code to see delivery options.

8. After entering the PIN code, you will be able to see delivery time and available payment options such as online payment and cash on delivery. Depending on the product and PIN code, some sellers do not provide cash on delivery option; but on Flipkart majority of products have cash on delivery option.

Important: Under PIN code section, you can also see refund policy. If there is written that return policy then you are eligible to return your product and get full refund within the specified time limit. Similarly, if there’s written that replacement policy then you cannot get refund. However, you can exchange that product; if product is faulty, damaged, not as described.

9. Now, tap on ‘Buy Now’ to order your selected product.

10. In the next step, you’ll be asked to enter delivery address. You can enter your home or office address or if you’re gifting this product to someone then you can enter his or her address. After entering the address, hit Save button.

11. Tap on Continue.

12. You’ll be asked to enter your email address to receive online payment receipt.

13. Now, we’ve reached to payment page, here you have many payment options like debit card, credit card, EMI, cash on delivery. UPI payment, net banking and the like.

14. If you want to pay at the time of delivery then simply choose Cash on Delivery and then tap on Place Order (see screenshot 10).

Important: As mentioned in the beginning, if you have Bajaj Finserv EMI card then you can buy a product from Flipkart on EMI. To buy a product on EMI, simply tap on EMI (Easy Installments) option and choose Bajaj Finserv from the EMI options and enter your EMI card details.

15. Next you will be asked to enter Captcha image text to confirm your order. Simply enter the text showing in the image in the given field and hit Confirm Order button.

That’s it. Your Flipkart order has been placed successfully. You will receive an SMS on your mobile number and you will have to pay the amount at the time of delivery.

Next you’ll read how to order in Flipkart using online payment methods such as credit card, debit card and the like.

Steps to order in Flipkart using online payment

Similarly, if you want to order in Flipkart and make online payment then from the payment options, choose a preferred payment method for example I’m going to choose “Credit/Debit/ATM Card” to make payment. If you use net banking service then you can choose Net Banking option (For reference see screenshot 10).

After selecting a payment method, tap on Place Order.

Next, enter your card details. You can find all the details such as card number, expiry date, CVV number, on your card. After entering the details, tap on Pay.

Now, you will receive an OTP message on your registered mobile number for your Flipkart order confirmation. Simply, enter that OTP message and hit Submit button.

That’s it. You’ve ordered a product on Flipkart. Now, your product will be delivered to you ASAP.

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