How to Convert File to PDF Without Software

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a prominent file format to store documents offline and online. One can use this file format to store word documents, images, excel files, and web pages. There are plenty of free word to PDF file converter, JPG to PDF converter, and similar tools available online. You can use them to convert file to PDF. I this quick tutorial, I’ll show some simple ways to convert documents word, JPG, or any other into PDF. Let’s dive in.

Wait! Why should you use an online PDF converter tool to convert your files when you can do it on your own?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t use online PDF converter tools because you can convert file to PDF right from your computer. I’ll walk you through how to convert file to PDF without installing or using third party PDF file converter tools.

Excited? One more thing I must mention is that these word to PDF tricks are easier to follow than using online tools.

How to Convert File to PDF – 3 Easy Ways

What are the different ways to covert documents into PDF without using PDF converter tools?

To convert file to PDF, we can use print tool, web-browser, or Google Drive. These methods are easier than using online PDF conversion software; where you first upload your file and then wait till it (software) converts your file into PDF. As discussed above, we can convert our files through:

  • print tool
  • Web browser
  • Google Drive

After reading this post, you’ll be able to convert images, word documents, excel sheets, spreadsheets, or any other document into PDF file. So let’s see how to do so.

1. Convert file to PDF using Print Tool

Do you know you can convert file to PDF using Windows inbuilt Print Tool? This is the easiest method to convert any file into PDF format. To convert a document, all you need to do is just disconnect your printer and give print command (Ctrl+P) from your computer. Let me show you how to convert file to PDF with this trick.

Note: I’m going to convert word file into PDF but you can convert any document you want.

word to pdf converter

First, open a document (word, excel, or image file) that you want to convert into PDF and then hit print icon from the toolbar or press Ctrl+P. Alternatively, you can also click on File (appearing at the top left corner) and then select print.

Note: Make sure to disconnect your printer (if connected). If you keep it connected then you may face some issues in saving your file as PDF.

convert file to pdf

Now, click on the down arrow in front of ‘Name’ and then select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’. Thereafter, click on OK button.

In the next step, you’ll be asked to give a name to your file and select a location where you want to save it.

That’s it. You’ve successfully converted your file to PDF without using any PDF file converter software. It’s very easy, wasn’t it?

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2. How to convert file to PDF using web browser

Do you know you can also use your internet browser to convert file to PDF or web documents?

This method of saving files to PDF is similar to way 1, just here you use your web browser. In first way, we’ve converted a word document into PDF and this time we’ll convert JPG to PDF.

Note: You can convert any file (word, JPEG, excel, and the like) using this trick.

jpg to pdf converter online free software

Right click on a file (JPEG, excel, or word) and then hover your mouse over ‘Open with’ and then from the list options, click on Google Chrome or browser you’re using.

click print

Disconnect your printer and then click on three dots appearing at the top right corner of your browser or press Ctrl+P.

file to pdf converter

Click on Change and then select “Save as PDF”. Now, hit Save button to save file as PDF format.

By using this method, you can also save webpages as PDF. Many a times, we read some interesting articles that we want to read more than once. In that case, you can save a webpage as PDF to read it offline.

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3. Using Google Drive

For any reason, if above ways of converting file to PDF did not work for you then fret not. I’ve a more robust solution for you. You can use Google Drive, file storage and synchronization service, to convert file to PDF format.

Google Drive is a free file storage service developed by search engine giant company Google. This service lets you store your files online so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And when needed you can downloaded them in required file format included PDF.

It’s also a good alternative to convert files into PDF. To do so using Google Drive, first, you’ll have to upload your file to this storage service and then you can download it as PDF. Let me show you how to put this into life.

Understand Hindi? Then you can watch above embedded video to convert word to PDf or you can continue reading.

google drive download as pdf

Get access to your Google Drive account by using your Gmail account. Then, click on New.

file into pdf using google drive

Select ‘File Upload’.

Thereafter, upload your file (that you want to save as PDF).

Next, you can see your file under My Drive section. Double click on the file to open it.

word to pdf

Click on File then hover your mouse over ‘Download as‘ and then click on PDF Document. After clicking on the option, your file will be downloaded on your computer in PDF format.

This way you can convert your files into PDF for free.

Above were some easy methods to convert file to PDF. As you can see, you don’t need to use a third party PDF file converter software to transform your files into PDF format.

Let me know if you’re using any other method to convert your files.

Your valuable feedback encourages me to come up with more alternatives like this.

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