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  • How to Import Phone Contacts from Windows Live Account to Android Phone or Gmail

    If you have recently changed your Windows phone with Android one and you want to transfer your old phone contacts to your new phone then read this post carefully. To export phone contacts to your new phone first of all you have to download .csv fileof contacts from Windows live account. Thereafter, you can export […]

  • How to Speed Up Nokia Lumia 610

    If you have Nokia Lumia 610 then I think you must be get tired because of its speed. In  our last posts we had written about download Nokia Lumia ringtones,  Gmail for Nokia Lumia, and also we had discussed some common problems of Nokia Lumia. In this post, we will discuss about speed of Nokia Lumia 610.  […]

  • Nokia Lumia :- How to Update Nokia Lumia Software

    To update Nokia Lumia Software, first of all, you need to install Zune Software onto your PC/Laptop thereafter you can update your Nokia Lumia Software. So first of all, install Zune Software in your PC/Laptop. To install Zune click here if you already have Zune Software in your PC/Laptop then just follow given steps to update […]

  • Zune Settings:-Synchronize files from Nokia Lumia to Zune Software or Vice Versa

    All we know that to synchronize files from Windows Phone to PC we need Zune Software. But after installing Zune in PC when you connect your phone to your PC then Zune starts synchronization automatically. It happens just because of your Zune software settings. If you want to synchronize only your favorite songs, videos, images […]

  • Nokia Lumia:- Gmail for Nokia Lumia

    Many of us have Nokia Lumia windows phone. Elegant tiles make these phones very attractive but it becomes very annoying when you cannot upload documents to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc directly from Nokia Lumia windows phone’s browser. However, If we add Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail account in our phone then we can upload/attach files and also can  forward them […]

  • Nokia Lumia:- Download Nokia Lumia Ringtones

    To make Ringtones for Nokia Lumia, you need to Download “Ringtone Maker” which is available on Market Place in “Apps from Nokia” section. I’m very thankful to Nokia because I search so many websites to download Ringtones for my Nokia Lumia but I couldn’t find any websites which have ringtones for my Nokia Lumia. Now with the […]

  • Nokia Lumia 610:-The Windows Live ID service is unavailable at the moment.Try again later

    Nokia Lumia 610 is a very nice phone, its elegant design lures customers. It provides quickest way to connect with your friends; you can accesses your emails, updates from your friends from your home screen easily. Nokia Lumia 610 has 5 megapixel camera with flash light that gives you better camera experience.

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