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  • How to Take Screenshot on Samsung, Iphone, Windows Phone, Micromax Etc

    It is a nice way to save something on your phone by taking a screenshot. You can save any note image, chat history by taking screenshots. Now a days, mostly all phones have this feature and with the help of this feature you can save anything to your phone. I would like to tell you […]

  • Portability:- How to request for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

    Portability allows a user to switch from current mobile network to new mobile network without changing his/her number. Mobile number portability proves to be a very beneficial service for many users. Since portability service has started in India, customers have got a privilege to change their existing service provider if they are not satisfied by […]

  • How to stop Flash Messages in Vodafone

    With the help of Flash message service of Vodafone we get offers on our SIM card in the form of flash messages. Moreover, we can win some prizes by participating in quizzes. We can activate or deactivate flash message service of Vodafone anytime. There is no activation or deactivation charges of this service. This service […]

  • How to use Android Phone as a PC/Laptop Modem

    It is very easy to use Android Phone as a PC modem. You can readily connect your phone to your PC with help of Data Cable to use internet on your Computer. To do this no additional app or software is required. You just have to follow these simple steps that are discussed below to […]

  • Internet Settings on Samsung Galaxy (for All Samsung phones)

    Nowadays, all Samsung phones can automatically find Access point  name and internet settings for your Samsung phone. There is no need to demand any GPRS settings from your sim card operator. It is very easy to configure Samsung internet settings manually. You can configure your Samsung phone GPRS settings with the help of this post, just […]

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