How to Cancel Flipkart Order via App, Website or Number

flipkart order cancel

If you’ve ordered a product on Flipkart and now your mind has changed and you don’t want that product then you can easily cancel your Flipkart order and get full refund (if paid online). If you’re new to Flipkart and don’t know how to cancel Flipkart order and get full refund then don’t fret, in this short tutorial, I’ll help you to do so.

If you don’t know how would you get your Flipkart refund then for your information, after cancelling Flipkart order, Flipkart will automatically transfer your money to your debit card, credit card, or internet banking account (whichever you’ve used for payment). If you’ve opted COD (Cash on Delivery) then no refund will be given but you’ll be able to cancel your order.

Here I would like to mention that you can only cancel Flipkart order if product has not been shipped or dispatched. In case the product has been dispatched by the seller then you’ll not be able to cancel your order by following the steps mentioned below.

In that case, you can talk to Flipkart support team at 18002089898 and can request them to cancel your Flipkart order.

You also have other options for example you can refuse to accept delivery or after accepting the delivery, you can return your product (remember all products are not returnable therefore read refund policy of the product you ordered) and ask for refund.

I covered this topic in another post, ‘how to exchange or return a product on Flipkart and get full refund?’

So as mentioned above, if your product is yet to dispatch then follow the steps given below to cancel Flipkart order.

Note: Sometimes product can be cancelled after it gets dispatched, therefore, you will need to check. If you could see ‘Cancel’ option then you would be able to proceed for Flipkart order cancellation.

How to Cancel Flipkart Order

One can cancel his Flipkart order by following any of the mentioned ways:

  • Flipkart order cancellation using Flipkart app
  • Cancel Flipkart order through website
  • Call to Flipkart customer care

Let’s discuss these ways one-by-one.

1. Order cancellation using app

To cancel Flipkart order using app, you will need to perform following steps:

cancel flipkart order

Open Flipkart app, and touch three parallel lines or hamburger icon. Then select ‘My Orders’.

cancel item on app

Next, you’ll be able to see list of your orders. Now, tap on ‘Cancel’ to cancel your Flipkart order.

On the next page, tap on down arrow under ‘Reason for cancellation’ and select a cancellation reason. Note: If your reason is not listed then select ‘My reason is not listed’ and in the comment section mention your reason.

Comment text field is an optional field. You can write something there or can let the field blank.

After selecting all the fields, ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button will appear on your screen, simply tap on the button to proceed.

Ta da! You’ve successfully cancelled Flipkart order using Flipkart app.

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2. Cancel Flipkart order through website

If you want to cancel Flipkart order using Flipkart website then follow the steps given below:

flipkart order cancel

Visit Flipkart online shopping website and login to your Flipkart account.

After logging in, click on your username appearing in the navigation section. Then click on ‘Orders’.

order cancel

Next, you’ll see all items that you’ve ordered. Now, next to every order you can see ‘Cancel’ option. Click on cancel next to an item you want to cancel.

flipkart order cancellation

Click on down arrow next to ‘Reason for cancellation’ and select a reason for your cancellation.

Next comment field is optional. You can let that blank.

To confirm your Flipkart order cancellation request, hit ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button.

3. Call Flipkart customer care

To cancel Flipkart order, customers can also call to Flipkart customer care number –


To cancel your order, you can also dial Flipkart customer care number 18002089898. After dialing the number, choose product cancellation option from the IVR options or talk to customer care agent.

Above steps will help you cancel Flipkart order, however, if you’ve any question then feel free to ask in the comment box.

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