How to Buy Ethereum in India from Koinex [Updated 2019]

Ethereum is the second most famous cryptocurrency. There are some cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin those are evolving very rapidly. I’ve provided you a list of top 5 bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies to invest your money and Ethereum is one of them.

Ethereum could perform well in the upcoming future. Presently its price is around $252 USD. In India, there are a few cryptocurrency exchanges that offer Ethereum trading platform.

I’ve find a multi-coin exchange (Koinex) that lets you buy Ethereum in India.  Apart from ETH, you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple from this exchange. Since RBI cryptocurrency ban, we’ve left with very less options to buy cryptocurrencies.

You can buy Ethereum from this exchange and then transfer your them to another exchange or a hardware wallet. Or you can keep your ETH on Koinex; if you like their services.

So let me show you how to buy Ethereum in India from Koinex.

You’ll need to perform following steps to buy Ethereum from Koinex

  1. Sign up and verify your Koinex account
  2. Add your UPI address and bank account details
  3. Buy Ethereum

How to Buy Ethereum in India from Koinex

Step 1: Sign up and verify your account

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To buy any cryptocurrency from Koinex, first you’ll need to create an account.

For that purpose visit Koinex official website. Sign up using this link and get free Ethereum worth Rs. 50 on your first purchase.

Upon reaching on the website, click on Register. Fill up the sign up form by entering your name, email, password, and a mobile number. Thereafter click on Submit button.

Complete entire registration steps.

Now wait till the verification completes. Usually it takes 3-4 days.

Step 2: Add UPI address and bank account details

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Once your account gets verified then next step is to add bank account details. For that purpose, click on Balances tab then INR Wallet.

add upi koinex - buy ripple in India

On the next page, enter your UPI address along with a username of your choice.

Thereafter, click on Add Bank Account button and enter your bank account details.

That’s it.

3. Buy Ethereum

Now we’ve reached to final step.

koinex buy

From the navigation menu, click on Loop.

Next, select Ethereum and then from the list of sellers choose one from whom you would like to buy your coins.

Enter amount of coins you want to buy and submit your request.

Next click Confirm.

Now seller will approve your request. Once it happens, you will be able to see his bank account details. Note down his bank account details and send exact amount to payee through UPI app, mobile banking or internet banking.

After sending the amount, note down transaction ID of the payment.

koinex inr

Now come back to Koinex account and enter payment transaction ID in the asked field and click Mark as Paid.

After receiving the amount, payee will confirm it and your coins will be deposited to your account.

That’s it. We’ve successfully bought Ethereum from Koinex.

Disclaimer: This post is only for information purpose. Before buying Ethereum from this exchange, please verify its authenticity. Don’t take this post as an investment advise. We don’t hold any legal or financial responsibility, kindly buy and sell on your own risk.

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